Stepping into a healthier, more confident lifestyle

A regular exercise routine is key to a healthy lifestyle, along with a good diet and proper rest. In addition to that, exercise also has a various number of benefits including self-esteem. Exercising offers a number of psychological benefits, including increased self-esteem, improved mood, and the ability to cope better with stress — not to mention pride in one’s physical accomplishments.

However, finding the time and motivation to exercise can be an issue for many. The majority of people in society today have sedentary lifestyles; the most movement their body goes through is from the car to their workplace, home or school. Lack of exercise for any individual is a clear way to disaster. Human beings were born with limbs that were meant to be used, and one takes this ability for granted when they fail to do so. Failure to exercise also causes several health-related issues, like clinical depression which occurs in people who are less active in comparison to average, healthy adults.

After a good workout, the human body naturally produces chemicals resembling opiates, which gives one a feeling of wellbeing and self-confidence. Regular exercise also leads to weight loss and weight maintenance, ensuring that individuals are not only conscious of their weight but can also regulate it. In addition to that, the body produces serotonin during exercise, a mood chemical that can help people who are depressed. A theory holds that increased levels of serotonin may have a positive impact on people experiencing clinical depression. If the theory is true, then exercise is a more cost effective way to treat clinical depression than taking prescription drugs.

Exercise also results in some phenomenal effects on the body, including strengthening one’s heart and bones and lowering the risk of chronic diseases, high blood pressure, and feelings of anxiety. Exercise does not have to be complicated; a simple workout 20 to 30 minutes long every day is enough. Picking an activity that suits one’s interests and making it a habit keeps one’s body in check and is a great confidence booster.

As people age, the relationship between exercise and self-esteem continues to be important. People who consistently exercise as they get older have stronger, more flexible bodies. Plus, exercisers are less likely to have serious health problems than non-exercisers. Meditation is also a form of exercise that stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain that controls happiness levels and healthy immune function. An individual also sleeps and regulates their emotions better after exercising, leading to more effective social interactions and a positive self-image.

Exercise has a plethora of benefits, each one having significant value both mentally and physically. Engaging in exercise activities is easy and aids one in living a healthy life. Fitness and confidence through exercising regularly also enables one to stay sharp in their daily activities, presenting themselves in an upright manner. The pain and discomfort one feels exercising today will be the strength and confidence they feel tomorrow.

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