Summer Job Fair comes to CSU Ballroom

Have you started looking for summer jobs or internships yet? If not, it might be a good idea to start thinking about it. The annual Summer Job Fair took place in the CSU Ballroom Wednesday, Feb. 8. Every year, this event is hosted by the Recreation Majors Club, with support from the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services (RPLS). About 54 companies had a booth set up at the event, with types of jobs ranging from construction, to summer camps, and even retail. Some of them came from the Twin Cities area while others were based locally, in or close to Mankato.

Kaitlyn Sturdy, the co-coordinator of the RPLS Summer Job Fair, explains why it is important to look for summer job opportunities this early in the semester: “Companies always tend to hire and look for people in advance, so definitely making those connections and talking with people now gives you the upper hand.” She stressed the importance of networking with potential employers, and talking with employers even if you are not interested in a summer job.

The Summer Job Fair provided a chance for RPLS students to find opportunities which would help them complete their major. Sturdy explains, “In the field of RPLS, you need field experience, which is a hundred hours of service. So a lot of these agencies will definitely meet that criteria for you to fit the field experience.”

Most of these positions are volunteer, but sometimes students are paid. Many summer camps, live-in programs, and camp counselor jobs were at the fair for RPLS students to discuss and organize their service hours.

Events such as the Summer Job Fair provide an opportunity for students to get their name out. Not only can a summer job add to your resume, but also to your skill set and experience in the work force. Volunteer opportunities are also available to help build character and increase your sense of philanthropy and service toward others. Volunteer positions look great on a resume and can impress future employers.

Not only were summer jobs available at the fair, but full-time positions for after graduation were as well. A full-time position could start with getting your foot in the door during a summer or part-time position. Working with a company for a short amount of time could definitely lead to something more permanent.

A word of advice while looking for summer work or any type of work: do not limit yourself. You might think that since your major is in accounting, you have to be an accountant. But different skill sets taught in your major can be applied to many different jobs. Someone in accounting could go into marketing, business, et cetera. You might also have that one “dream job” in mind, or that one position or company you are striving for. If you take a risk and try something new, you might find you enjoy it, maybe more than you thought you would.

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  • Janet Magnusson

    In reading the IEEE Hosts Engineering Career and Internship Fair article I was disappointed in staff writer, Stephanie Vogel’s ability to correctly reference the source she interviewed about the event. Dominique Torres, the president of the IEEE organization, is a female and is referred to in the article as “he”. She is the only female electrical engineering student graduating from MSU in the spring. And she has worked very hard on this event. Engineering is a hard enough profession for females to navigate and succeed in. It would be refreshing to see a correction printed so that young women can see that it is a possibility for females to succeed in a male dominated career field.

    • Matthew Eberline

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The words “he said” were added in during the editing process and were an oversight in our editorial department. We sincerely apologize for this mistake and will be issuing a correction in tomorrow’s edition of the Reporter.
      -Matthew Eberline, Editor in Chief

  • Stephanie Vogel

    I am terribly sorry that this incident has occurred. The words “he said” were not included in my original article, and were added in during the editing process. I will speak with the staff of the Reporter regarding this error.
    -Stephanie Vogel


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