Blue Bricks home to a large variety of taps

Looking for a bar with a friendly atmosphere, affordable drinks, and tasty food? Blue Bricks of Downtown Mankato is your place to go!

Located on 424 South Front Street, Blue Bricks has been a popular place for friends to gather since 1999.

From USA hockey jerseys hanging behind the bar, to a framed poster of The Rat Pack, the décor inside of Blue Bricks is comforting and fitting for many different customers. The building itself is made entirely of bricks, including some random ‘blue bricks’ scattered throughout the bar. They also offer a lounge area in the middle of the establishment, which is convenient for those looking to relax in something other than a chair or booth. They also offer some arcade games around the building, including darts and two pool tables. Their spacious, outdoor patio is something to enjoy when the weather is appropriate as well.

I once had a get-together there with many co-workers, and the lounge area was impressively big enough for all of us to be in. The staff was friendly, the drinks were great, and the atmosphere was enjoyable. We ordered some pizzas, which to my surprise, turned out to be some quality food (I had never eaten there before). It had everything to occupy one’s time: televisions, pool, darts, and music. I have also been there when both the main bar and back bar were open, and the entire building was loaded with people. It was late summer so the patio was available, providing a nice environment just outside the bar.

What goes unsaid about Blue Bricks is their approachable staff. All employees look and act is if they enjoy working at that establishment, which is always encouraging to go back there for the excellent service. The feeling of being in that bar offers a more comfortable one than others, as it has all the looks and style of a modern, hipster-like atmosphere. Being from the Twin Cities, it reminds me a little of the Blue Door in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Their happy hour is fulfilling for both their appetizers and drinks. All appetizers, including the Nachos Grande, Jalapeno Poppers and Fried Calamari Rings, are $1 off during happy hour. The specials for drinks include $2 Grainbelts served in a large glass, and discounts on rails, bottled beer and tap beer. When it comes to Blue Bricks’ menu, their pizza pies are favorites amongst customers.

They also offer carry out and free delivery from 11 a.m.-midnight every day. Blue Bricks also offers a catering service for their customers who would like the Blue Bricks experience brought to them.

Whether it’s to solve your search for tasty food, or numerous craft beers to choose from, Blue Bricks of Downtown Mankato is the place to be.

Tommy Wiita

Tommy is a junior mass media major at MSU. He plays on the club baseball team and enjoys the outdoors. You can follow him on Twitter (@Wiita_BEST) or contact him via email at thomas.wiita@mnsu.edu .

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