College Town boasts high-end housing, community values

Congratulations to College Town for claiming the title of Best Apartment Complex in the greater Mankato area.

Finding a place you can call home is an important step in your time at college, and College Town has yet again taken the top spot for a number of reasons, including a large list of features and amenities, convenient location, on-site security, and bus service.

College Town sets itself apart from the wide range of living options for a number of reasons. Firstly, College Town has a high-end neighborhood feel to it with gated access and security. Once in the community, 100+ multi-level cottages line the streets, varying in sizes and floor plans. In fact, College Town offers ten different floor plans, ranging from three bedrooms and four bathrooms to five bedrooms and six bathrooms. Each house is fitted with hardwood and ceramic tiling and personal bathrooms attached to each bedroom. The homes also come with a variety of amenities, including free high-speed internet and cable.

One unique feature about College Town is that it is truly a community. Those within the community have many different ways to bond with neighbors and friends with amenities such as an outdoor pool and indoor hot tub, volleyball and basketball court, and a game area. The community also offers a 24-hour clubhouse with fitness center, lounge area, computer lab, and study area. You can catch a tan outside on the available greenspace or by using the free tanning provided. After a full day, you can retreat to your personal quiet, personal room. It truly feels like a day at a resort.

Safety is also a key feature in this living space. Security, electronic access-controlled gates, and HD security cameras all ensure those living within the community feel safe and secure at all times.

Of course, location is also a key feature that makes College Town the top of its class. Only about a mile away from campus, this living community is very accessible. Whether you want to enjoy a nice walk to school or catch the campus bus that arrives every half hour, you are guaranteed you’ll get where you need to go.

College Town operates under RENT MSU, which includes College Station, The Quarters, and other RENT MSU houses, so you know you are dealing with knowledgeable landlords when it comes to renting. RENT MSU also knows the needs of the thousands of college students they provide homes for every year, which is a key benefit when looking for an apartment for the first time.

With all of these features and amenities, its obvious why College Town earned top apartment complex in Mankato. If you’re looking for a safe, high-end, fun place to live, look no further than Mankato’s very own College Town. It may be the best decision you make all year.

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