TV review: CBS’ Scorpion an intelligent drama

Scorpion is about four geniuses (Walter, Toby, Sylvester, and Happy) that team up with Homeland Security and each person on the show has a role to play as part of the team.

Walter is the leader of Scorpion and has an IQ of 197. Toby is a Harvard trained doctor in psychiatry and is the team’s behaviorist. Toby reads people that the team encounters. Sylvester is referred to as the “human calculator” because he is a gifted mathematician. Happy is the team’s mechanical engineer. Cabe is the team’s handler agent with Homeland. Paige, who has a son that is a genius, helps the team “translate” the real world so they can interact with people they meet. This show is inspired by the real-life Walter O’Brian.

In each episode, the team has a case that needs their help one way or another. What I enjoy about this show is that they explain details such as the case/problem and then explain what they are going to do to fix the problem. People can relate to this show by the team being put in scenarios that they do not fit into. The team is usually put in bad and sometimes dangerous situations and still manages to pull through and get out of the situation safely. Walter is usually competitive with everyone on his team because he thinks he is better than them, since he has a higher IQ, but in recent episodes he has been getting better at understanding everyone’s importance to the team and how they are valuable to the team.

What I like is that when they are doing problem-solving, they explain what they are doing and this helps the audience understand it. Another thing I like is when the team has a problem to solve, they all figure it out at once and they each know what the others are thinking. Some things I do not like is that the show drags out Walter trying to win over Paige.

Some shows that are similar to Scorpion are Limitless, Intelligence, and MacGyver. Limitless is about Brian Finch who takes a pill that lets him use his whole brain, and helps the FBI with crimes that they have trouble solving. Limitless is similar to Scorpion by Brian being incredibly smart and figuring out problems that would normally take a longer time. Intelligence is about Gabriel Vaughn who has a supercomputer microchip in his brain and is hooked to the information grid. He helps cyber command solve crimes. Intelligence is similar to Scorpion with Gabriel being a “genius” but really being a human computer helping his nation defeat enemies that might want this information. MacGyver is about Angus MacGyver who works with a secret organization and has high scientific knowledge. He uses this knowledge with common items and limited resources. MacGyver is similar to Scorpion because MacGyver is always figuring something out with limited resources in a tight situation.

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