The limited privacy of a celebrity life

Everyone is entitled to privacy, and this is an important aspect of anyone’s life. Privacy for celebrities these days is scarcer than ever with paparazzi on every corner they turn. But we are all humans, and everyone has the right to privacy, celebrity or not. The fact that one holds a certain status of fame in the public eye does not mean that the public is required to know every detail about them. Celebrities do forfeit a large portion of their private lives by choosing fame, but media often takes things way too far in presenting to the public some highly personal issues.

Privacy all depends on what one chooses to share with the public. Even in the celebrity world, there are B-list celebrities who are hardly given any attention. The paparazzi focus on what will make them money, striving night and day to get the most scandalous shots of celebrities. Successful paparazzi, therefore, earn more income the more famous the celebrity is that they catch. Separating private life from work life is also a vital strategy when dealing with celebrities that should be clearly outlined by society. A lecturer does not share with students what they did outside of class, as that is not what the role of a lecturer is paid or intended for.

Reality shows, however, follow a person around all day with a camera, documenting their every move. A good number of celebrities have made quite the name for themselves through these reality shows. Their scandalous activities, real-life goofs, and throw downs caught on camera become mainly what they are known for. That still does not mean that they want to share every personal detail of their life with the camera, however. There are times when the show loses popularity and they move on with their lives off camera just like any other person. Once again, they become just as vulnerable when their personal matters leak to the public.

Think back to over 50 years ago when there were no tabloids, social media, and the news coverage was extremely limited. The focus, then, was on issues that affected nations or the world in general. In my perspective, the media is misled in thinking that a story about a celebrity is more important than an issue affecting several nations. Media outlets are so hooked on competing to get the information out the most quickly that no one stops to consider the quality or authenticity of their work, or even whether it will be useful to the public.

The development of technology has been a great leap for mankind, and it has broken several barriers. Technology has led to numerous innovations and is inspiring thousands of minds every minute. Technology is becoming one of mankind’s greatest accomplishments, with continual developments almost every day. Society needs to remember that development in the proper direction is the most important factor to focus on. A few bumps may occur along the way, but if the direction is clear and appropriate then doors will surely open.

Not only does the media need to value what is vital and what will aid them in their lives, but society does as well. Hustling to feed oneself or looking for ways to get income is recommended, but not if it constantly proves to be a nuisance to someone else time and time again. The media should focus on what celebrities want to share and not on exhibiting their private lives to the public eye.

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