Student Forum Report 4-12-2017

Yesterday’s student senate meeting was brief. In an interview with the Reporter on Monday, President Faical Rayani expressed that he believes that a bright side of the MSSA election postponement is that it allows the 84th senate to accomplish more this semester, including two of Rayani’s priorities: promoting a bee-friendly campus and promoting a bike-friendly campus. In his report, Rayani stated that he would write a bee-friendly motion and bike friendly motion by this coming Wednesday’s meeting.

Senator Griffin Goode gave a brief procedural presentation on the Ethics and Standards Committee. Senate then considered a motion moved by Senator Goode and seconded by Vice President Maria Ruiz. The motion, which failed to pass, would’ve enacted a dress code for senators during Wednesday meetings. Senator Goode argued that the language of the motion provided broad, unrigid guidelines. Senators, however, offered a host of critiques. Arguments were made that open-toed shoes should be allowed, that doing laundry on time is not always feasible for senators, and that such a move would not accommodate the needs of senators with disabilities. Senator Martin said that “we are students first” and that senators should be able to decide for themselves how to dress. Ruiz and Goode argued that the senate, as the representative body of all MNSU students, should dress well as a sign of respect to constituents. Goode pointed out that action against violations would be taken by the Ethics and Standards Committee only when complaints were made.

In his report, President Rayani noted that he will be working this semester to ensure that the committee structure for the CSU, Athletics, IT, and Health Services departments will be improved in the future. Roughly one-third of these departments’ funds come from student fees. Rayani also noted that $12,000 was raised at the Relay for Life event.

The Reporter is proud to announce that President Rayani was elected State Chair of Students United by the Students United Board of Directors on April 1. Students United is the overarching governing body of the seven universities in the Minnesota State system, representing some 70,000 students. Rayani will now be leading this organization. Check Tuesday’s edition for more information.

In her report, President Ruiz brought up the Dr. Duane Orr Teacher of the Year Award and Vic Swenson Student Friendly Award. Nominations for these awards are open until next Thursday. All students received an email regarding this yesterday.

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