Amazing Race legacy continues legacy with 29th season

The CBS show The Amazing Race has been on for 16 years and has had 29 seasons. Phil Keoghan hosts this amazing show. An ordinary race has 11 teams of two people who race around the world, where at each destination there are challenges that they must complete, some mental and some physical.

When the task is done, they get their next clue to the next location. While the race progresses, teams are eliminated and the first team to arrive at the final destination wins The Amazing Race and a $1 million prize.

There are twelve legs total in the race. Throughout the race, there are many mistakes made that cost some teams the race. Some of those mistakes in previous races included losing your passport, getting lost, and communication. With communication, people usually end up arguing more than they work together.

There have been seven special seasons throughout the 29 seasons. For season eight, it was a family edition where there were ten teams of four. Season 11 and 24 were all-stars specials where previous favorite teams returned. Season 18 was similar and was called “unfinished business” where teams that lost their first race returned to try to win.

Season 28 featured 11 teams of notable social media people, such as Youtubers. Season 26 was 11 dating teams which included five blind dates where they met for the first time at the start of the race. This season has 22 people that meet and team up at the start of the race. As of season 28, The Amazing Race has been to 88 countries outside the U.S.

Teams follow clues that are either called Route Info, Roadblock, or Detour. Route Info is a general clue that leads them to their next clue. Roadblock is a task one team member can complete.

There is a catch though; teams must pick who is doing the task only by a brief clue on the task. Then they can read the details. Furthermore, each team member has to perform the same amount of roadblocks as the other. A Detour is a choice between two tasks and teams can switch if the one is too difficult. Sometimes after the detour there is a U-turn which means a team can force another team behind them to return and complete the other option of the Detour.

There are blind U-turns where teams being u-turned do not know who u-turned them. There are also double U-turns which mean more than one team can be u-turned. Occasionally, on one or more of the legs, there may be a Fast-Forward which is a task that only one team may do. This allows that team to skip all the other tasks and go directly to the Pit Stop. Usually, the team gets there first, but not always.

A Pit Stop is at the end of each leg and is a stopping point between two legs. If a team comes in last to the Pit Stop, they either are eliminated or have to complete a speed bump in the next leg. A Speed Bump is a task that the team that came in last in the previous leg, but was not eliminated, must complete before continuing in the race. If, for some reason, a team checks in at the Pit Stop without completing a task, they will have to wait out a penalty before being checked in.

Each episode of the show starts with it explaining highlights of the previous leg which includes a summary of who won and lost and how many teams are remaining. Then, each leg usually consists of traveling somewhere and getting to the first challenge which would usually be a Detour and then a Roadblock later.

The first team to get to the Pit Stop gets a prize which could be a trip, money, or a vehicle. Then it gives highlights to the next leg. This race includes 11 teams that paired up at the start of the race. The individuals range from military and police officers to models and real estate agents. So far, there has been five episodes with four teams being eliminated and one coming in last, but not eliminated yet.

My thought toward this show is that you can see the world in the comfort of your own home. There are teams that I like and teams that I hate, mainly because they argue too much. There are teams that are also enjoying themselves by having fun and then there are teams that are too serious at times. What makes this show so fun to watch is that you find out that some of these teams are not always very bright either.

My thought toward this show is that you can see the world in the comfort of your own home. What makes this show so fun to watch is that you find out that some of these teams are not always very bright because, for example, there was a team that walked right past a clue and also walked past the Pit Stop and did not see it.

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