Should students be able to grade teachers?

Teaching is one of the noblest professions worldwide. There is no greater satisfaction that comes close to passing knowledge one has mastered to a younger generation.

Teachers go through various trials and tribulations for students to learn various concepts. They educate the young to become world leaders, doctors, actors, policemen, lawyers, engineers, and the list goes on. Teaching is essentially a vital platform that shapes and develops individuals for the future.

Teaching is not just a nine to five job, but an occupation that requires total dedication, relentless effort and enduring resilience. However, some teachers do not necessarily manifest teaching in the manner it is set out to be. Teaching has become corrupted in a sense by the few teachers that fail to give the profession the respect it deserves.

Teachers normally grade students based on performance, attendance, ability, and other traits. But, what would happen if the same duty was administered to students?

Sydney Baldwin and Kaley Hoechst, both undergraduates pursuing Law Enforcement degrees, had quite a bit to share if they were handed this responsibility. The two stated that professors get away with a several things such as missing classes, whereas if it were the students, they would receive a harsher punishment. Although Minnesota State University, Mankato does offer a course evaluation at the end of every semester, the two emphasized that something more should be done that has an immediate impact; thus, they are totally for students being able to grade their teachers.

Saud Alsultan, an undergraduate student pursuing a degree Mechanical Engineering, stated that some teachers give improper presentations on the content of a course. Therefore, when an exam is around the corner, students face challenges in reviewing what has been learned. He also stated that language barrier is an issue when accents of the lecturer becomes a problem. Alsultan was also for grading teachers as they do students at the end of the semester.

Abdul Wahid Yusuf, a Civil Engineering major, also agreed that students should be able to grade their teachers as they also make small mistakes just like students, but students receive harsher punishments that affect their overall grade.

Nick Price, an Economics major, had a totally different perspective on the issue of students being able to grade teachers.

“I believe the concept sounds cool, but it would just be biased based on how well the student does in class. They would just reflect it on their teacher’s grade,” Price said.

If students would grade teachers, Price believes that university policy in hiring or firing teachers should not be based on the grades they receive from students, but rather on their qualifications and strides they have made to get ahead in their respective disciplines.

Becoming a teacher is far from easy and takes an outstanding amount of hard work and perseverance. Students are not graded to show them where they failed or passed, but rather to direct them in the correct route to excel. Teachers are one of the world’s greatest resources, and the education they pass on is the most powerful weapons one can use to change the world.

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