Student Forum Report 4-26-2017

The last meeting of the 84th student senate took place yesterday. President Faical Rayani noted that, to his knowledge, the 84th senate served the longest term in MNSU history. This was due to this year’s election postponement. It was a very productive meeting as seven motions were passed.

MM/84/04/19/03/ approved the changes to the by-laws discussed at the previous meeting.

MM/84/04/26/01/ honored Shengyeng Emily Lee with distinguished honor cords for her behind-the-scenes work with MSSA.

MM/84/04/26/02/ “[called] for a review of the “Missed Classes for University Sponsored or Sanctioned Activities and Makeup Work Policy.”

MM/84/04/26/03/ was the long-awaited bike-friendly motion. President Rayani said that this was an important initiative that has been in the works for years.

MM/84/04/26/04/ honored Zachary Orum with distinguished honor cords for his extensive extra-senatorial work with MSSA.

MM/84/04/26/05/ expressed MSSA’s support for further exploration of plans to expand athletic and recreation facilities on campus.

MM/84/04/26/06/ supported inclusion of MSSA experience in student senators’ transcripts. President Rayani noted that other universities have begun including important extracurricular involvement on student transcripts.

Inauguration of the 85th senate followed the meeting. It was held before a large audience in the CSU Hearth Lounge. President Rayani and Vice President Maria Ruiz delivered emotional speeches.

Rayani expressed his gratitude and said that it was now time to pass on the baton. He read off a long list of accomplishments of the 84th senate, including the bee-friendly campus motion, the creation of a new bus route, and support for Veterans Affairs.

Vice President Ruiz said that if she could stay involved in MSSA for another eighty-four years, she would. She said that her experience was difficult, but formative. She highly praised President Rayani. She urged the 85th senate to not be afraid of making mistakes, asking questions, and being imperfect.

The event ended with the swearing-in of President Abdul-Aziz, Vice President Cremers, the 85th senate, and MSSA board members. Check the Reporter again next semester for more student senate coverage.

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