Trump shows bully mentality in threat against Congress

President Donald Trump threatened Congress with a government shutdown after his budget was voted against on Tuesday. The wall between Mexico and the U.S. was one of the things on the new budget plan.

When observing someone, anyone, over a long period of time, they will tell you about themselves with their actions and words. They will reveal who they are as a person, especially when they are under the amount of coverage that a presidential candidate and president receive. And Trump showed us long ago who he is.

President Trump displayed quite clearly, from his rallies to his interviews, that he is a bully. When push comes to shove, diplomacy is not his move and he will go for the school yard fight. He throws fits, and lashes out when things do not go according to plan or contrary to his way. He has had fits on Twitter and in interviews, pushing aside the matter at hand to try and force people into his way of thinking. Even something as simple and commonplace as a handshake, Trump turned it into a competition and a way to bully someone into submission. We all knew this over a year ago, so this should surprise no one. And yet the outrage is there.

The outrage at his childlike behavior that has been there all along is prevalent in the media and on social media sites. The shock that he would move forward with a wall he promised is also everywhere on social media. Why is America so caught off guard by the man that we watched campaign for many months? Far too many people may have passed off his antics as means to win an election, a way to set himself apart from the political class. But this is who he is, who he always has been, who he will continue to be.

There are two things to do –

First: Trust the system of checks and balances that is in place. We saw this with his travel ban that he tried to enact early on in his presidency. The system of checks and balances halted the movement of Trump’s plan. Same happened with his budget move for the wall between Mexico and the U.S. The government works, maybe not well at times, but it does keep one person from doing and putting into law whatever he likes. Trust the system.

Second: Buckle up, because this is going to be a crazy presidency. Not all of us voted for him, but a majority did. No, Russia did not hack into government buildings to get him in office, it was all of you. Everyone who voted for him and like it or not this is the bed America made for itself. The best course of action is to hold on and hope he gets better, because his getting worse is a terrifying prospect.

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