Purpose in life: to make the world a better place

What are you going to do with your life?

How many of us have heard that in our lifetime? Are you driven by a purpose, looking for a drive, or just trying to make it through life on the path of least resistance? Are you supportive of a greater cause like climate change, animal welfare, or equal rights for all? We live in a time when these and so many more issues are of increasing importance to all of us and the generations to come.

For my generation, I find the need to apologize. The mess we leave the younger generation is greater than that of any previous generation. For our miserable failure as stewards of the planet, many of us end up poorer than we came into this world. We could end right there on this sorry note if it were not for the fact that the problems still need to be solved.

While we are seeing so many promising new technologies that show growing encouragement and opportunity, we also desperately need the political will and manpower to overcome those who still do not see a need. These are going to be some of your generation’s greatest battles, and as with any battle, there comes opportunity and personal growth as fear of failure is beaten. Personally, I see this very courage and determination to take on these tasks every day in the halls, the classrooms, and meeting rooms of this proud campus. Waking this sleeping tiger is the job that has fallen on the educationally involved thinkers of our day.

Are you a leader? Do you think you could be one? Would you like to find out?

Get involved, step in and get your feet wet. Join a club, a political function, or a volunteer effort. There are so many converging paths and needed skills available to those bold enough to reach for out and grab opportunity. Be the one who says, “Yes I can,” to the naysayer who says you can’t. Learn the pride that comes from accomplishment and progress against real world problems. Hold your head high on your dying day and tell the world, “I made a difference.” The world needs you whether they believe it or not; just do it.

Now that the pep talk is over, let’s look at one more way to get like thinking people working together. Is there any support out there for an “Issues Fair” to give new ideas a stage for growth as well as a platform for old ones to find new supporters? If there is, I think we might be able to find someone to sponsor it. If you have any ideas, feel free to contact the Reporter or leave a comment online with this article.

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