Springtime will bring about The Bluebird’s Secret

Every year, Minnesota State University, Mankato casts a group of talented freshman in what they call “kiddie tour,” a short musical that eventually tours around southern Minnesota.

This is an incredibly special performance each year because it is written and directed by students within the program!
This year, that student is junior BFA candidate, Billy Gleason, who is doing both the writing and the directing of “The Bluebird’s Secret.” John B. Nicol, also a junior, is assisting with music for his second year in a row.

Gleason and Nicol are really enjoying the work that the students are already putting into their characters.

“The most exciting thing is having the chance to impact the lives of children and to work with the fresh new faces of MSU,” Gleason said.

“The Bluebird’s Secret” follows the adventures of five explorers, Darcy Darling (Arianna Rotty), Danny Darling (Ben Siglin), Larry Logic (Nicholas Finken), Chelsea Charming (Lydia Prior) and Patty Patience (Calli Medley) as they search for the quick-witted Bluebird with the secret that everyone want: the secret of happiness. The Bluebird (Kacie Riddle) and her sidekick Tyltol, (Zac Gaulke), do what they can to keep their precious secret to themselves.

The students will spend this semester rehearsing, and in the spring they will be travelling around southern Minnesota to elementary and middle schools to perform for children.

Rehearsals started this past week, and the cast is already bonding and having a blast with this special show.

“I love that I get to go up on stage and just have fun,” Gaulke said.

Riddle added, “I know the secret. That’s the best part about playing the Bluebird.”

There will be a public performance at the university later in the spring semester, so watch for those details.

In the meantime, don’t forget to buy tickets to the other performances here at Minnesota State University, Mankato! You can purchase them online at http://www.mnsu.edu/theatre/ or over the phone at 507-389-6661.

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