Danger Committee performs daring stunts at MNSU

If you didn’t hear or you live under a rock, the Danger Committee visited the MNSU campus last Friday over Family Weekend and performed a spectacular show.

If you weren’t there, don’t sweat it. I can give you a rundown of what you missed.

The Danger Committee is a trio of friends consisting of Mick, Caleb, and Jason. They are from the Twin Cities and have performed on the likes of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, had shows from New York to California, and worked with companies like UPS, Microsoft, and many others. Their performances include a wide range of stunts and dangerous acts from knife throwing to flame throwing, including hilarious comedy for the whole family.

Last weekend the trio performed in Myers Field House from 8 to 9 p.m. under glowing lights and clouds of fog. They did much more than just flame throwing and knife throwing. There was juggling of not just bowling pins, but kitchen utensils, plungers, knives, and heavy axes. There was even guest participation and two students from the Student Events Team were in the midst of the juggling acts.

The Danger Committee wowed the crowd by using everything from lit torches, flaming knives, and a giant yo-yo, and even a large whip which they used to whip off the ends of pretzel rods and Cheetos while held by a member of their team.

The final stunt they performed was allegedly the “hardest stunt they had ever done.” The crowd screamed and clapped, prepared for a high-stakes danger act. The intensity in the room could be felt as the performers lit the ends of their knives with stun guns and started throwing them at a wooden board where a team member was supposed to catch it by the blade. And what a relief it was when he caught it without catching on fire or cutting open his hand.

After the show, the crowd surged toward the performers to ask questions, get autographs, and thank them for an awesome show. Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to speak with the Danger Committee, but if they were in the Mankato area again, I wouldn’t miss their shows for the world. You will never get something as exciting and hilarious as the Danger Committee.

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