Battle of the Sexes delves into deep subjects

Authenticity and passion make this a high caliber film

“Battle of the Sexes” is a new sports biography film starring Emma Stone and Steve Carell. The movie explores the famous tennis match between legend Billie Jean King and ex-tennis star Bobby Riggs in 1973.

Although this movie’s title is “Battle of the Sexes”, the majority of it is based around King.

Creating period pieces are very difficult. Think of everything that is involved, from the clothing style to the lenses on the camera. Every aspect of the project has to be re-evaluated to look authentic to the time period in question.

“Battle of the Sexes” does this perfectly; I really felt a part of the early 1970s. This movie really looks like it was made in the era, from the clothing and environment, to the tennis venues and play on the court.

This film is predominantly centered around the history of women’s tennis and the evolution of the sport. There is equal emphasis on the life of King, and her influence on our country.

The ability to make this movie very sensitive and moving, while at the same time a fast-moving sports movie is very unique. I felt moved to tears while simultaneously fist- pumping at every point King won near the end of the movie.

This film touches on some deep subjects, but does it in a way that isn’t overbearing. For example, throughout the story we quickly learn of King’s attraction to women. The inner-battle that she went through was very powerful. Today, King is a very important advocate of the LGBT community. It was very interesting to experience the troubles and joys she went through.

One of the most intriguing plots within the movie is King’s love triangle with her girlfriend on tour, her husband, and her game.King has her fair share of tough rallies juggling two relationships while keeping her image and composure for tennis.

With all the hardships she faces in the film, the one constant is her love and passion for the game. There is a particular scene in the movie when she needs some space, and the only way she can think clearly is serving hundreds of tennis balls in the middle of the night.

Sexism is a big topic in this movie. For a 21st century audience Bobby Riggs almost act comically, but what’s even more frightening is the reality of it all. Bobby Riggs was a very big name in the sport and he believed that he could beat any woman tennis player who challenged him.

He was under the impression that women don’t belong on the court because they are lesser than men, and that they don’t deserve the earnings from winning the same tournament.

From a technical standpoint “Battle of the Sexes” is very artsy. There are moments in the movie where we only see close up shots of the characters. It is apparent that a lot of thought and creativity went into crafting this important story. It was as interesting in the visual style, camera work, and direction, as it was in the tremendous story clever writing.

This is the caliber of film that really leaves a mark in your heart and brain. Don’t be surprised if “Battle of the Sexes” gets more than a few nods from the academy later this year.

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