Legend of the Mountain Man portrays hellish nightmare


A father with unusual parents decides to send his three children in a cabin near a mountain for the summer. The strange thing about the mountain is that it holds a secret that the kids have encountered during their stay.

“The Legend of the Mountain” is a fictional film with no audio, and only ASL (American Sign Language) with closed caption. As the film starts, I was confused why a car was driving up to the mountains.

Inside the car is a father driving with his three children, two boys and one girl. The children are all relaxing and listening to music with their headphones on. Then, it cuts to a shot where they’re at a gas station and out of nowhere one of the father’s children began to argue with him outside of the car.

The girl was angry because she didn’t want to stay at her grandparent’s cabin for the summer. This shot alone could have been fixed with a backstory of the girl on why she was angry.

As the film continues, the father and children are brought to their grandparent’s cabin. On a side note you can’t hear the wilderness, but you get to view the forest, mountains and cabin of the grandparents. Speaking of the cabin this is where things get stranger in the film.

The two boys were wandering around the house and they discovered their grandpa’s room. As they were investigating the room, they found two odd things inside the room. The first thing they discovered is that the photo frames in the room were blank, yet they had the frame outside of it. Lastly, they found a photo of their father as a young child fishing with an unknown boy.

This part of the scene was starting to get eerie because one of boys believed in a folktale that one of their uncles was talking about at midnight.

In the next scene we are brought to the boys sleeping in a bedroom. The shots and angles of this scene were amazing and a must see to understand. The young boy woke up from a strange noise from the door as the boy was waking up. The camera began to move slightly left and right as the boy got near the door.

When the boy got near the door slammed by itself.

He turned around and saw another door crinkly opening slowly and saw two glowing eyes in the peak of the shadow of the door. This time instead of the door closing he went inside the room where it was dark and the light in the room was flickering like crazy.

The boy saw an unknown figure siting down in the middle of the cage. As he began to get near the unknown figure it began to stand up. Once he got near it the lights began to flicker even more crazy and the unknown figure attacked him in a viciously manner.

Sorry, to tell you this, but this scene alone was a nightmare from the boy sleeping in the bedroom. He was then awakened up by his grandmother with a bucket filled of water.

This film it was a requirement for my class to watch and to understand proper American Sign Language. What I expect ed from this film was to focus on a legend of a man who ventured his way to the mountain and finding the secrets of life. Instead, it is about a mythic creature in a bigfoot costume a.k.a. Sasquatch that apparently understand Sign Language when one of the boy tried to claim him down.

But, the film itself is not too bad and it’s a film that flows pretty well. I wish the film at least had sound to make it more entertaining to watch.

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