Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton 2017 fall sports preview

Football for JWP has had some offensive problems to start the season 0-3. The team has only been able to score 26 points in their first three games, scoring six in each of their last two. The team has had some defensive showings, letting up only 28 points in week one and seven in week two. The team needs to find offensive explosion to help give themselves a chance moving forward.

Both cross country teams are ready to kick off the season, but the boys squad will need a learning curve. The team is very young, with eight of the 13 boys under 10th grade. If the team wants to have a successful season, they need the youth to mature quickly and help out the upperclassmen. The backbone of the team is not big enough to carry them, which means early success for the younger guys will go a long way. The girls’ team will need the same quick results from youth, with nine of their 14 under the 10th grade level. Their team also has no seniors, which means their four 11th graders will have to mentor the youth and help coach them up quickly for the season. On both these teams, finding a star in their youth cannot come soon enough.

Boys soccer has had their fair share of issues this season, starting out 2-8-3 on the year and letting up five or more goals in three games. The team has been shut out seven times this season and either needs a new way to play defense or a new offensive scheme to find some rhythm. They need to take a cue from the girls’ team, which sits at 11-1-1 on the season. This team is currently on a three-game win streak and went on a seven-game streak earlier in the season. Their offense has been dominant, scoring six or more goals in five games and posting 14 and 19-goal games. On defense the team has shutout opponents six times this season, looking like a postseason team early on.

The volleyball team has started to turn things around, at 5-10 on the season. The team has started a two-game winning streak and are 3-3 over their last six. The key for the team is extending games into later sets and not going down early, to keep their squad in the game. They have hung around in several games and now have gained some wins because of it.

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