Friday the 13th is a classic and timely thriller

Just in time for Friday, watch this cheesy and gruesome film


Later this week, the day of Friday the 13th will rise and cause students to have bad luck within their daily activities.

I’m just kidding, or am I?

Friday the 13th is a myth to scare people about bad luck, maybe, but the actual film “Friday the 13th” is a real scary movie.

The film “Friday the 13th” is about a serial killer named Jason Voorhees a.k.a. the hockey mask killer seeking out vengeance on camp counselors who killed his mother Pamela Voorhees. However, this film doesn’t have the iconic killer Jason, instead his mother is the killer in this film. Before I go into the film, it is important to understand some background about Jason Voorhees family.

Jason was a young innocent child raised only by his mother Pamela Voorhees. Jason was born as a deformed baby and was bullied constantly by his peers.
He was raised in a place called Crystal Lake and apparently, they say the lake is a death curse.

The way Jason Voorhees became the iconic hockey serial killer of Crystal Lake was based on his bullies and the camp consolers of Crystal Lake.

Jason had enough with his bullies and decided to challenge them into a swimming race. As Jason was swimming across the lake he began to drown and was screaming for help from the camp consolers. The camp consolers were too focused on a party and thus Jason Voorhees died from drowning in Crystal Lake.

When Jason’s mother found out her son died she went on a killing spree and starting to kill multiples camp consolers to prevent the camp Crystal Lake from reopening. As Jason’s mom was killing, one of the camp consolers grabbed a machete and swung to decapitated Jason’s mother’s head.

In the film it is stated when Mrs. Voorhees died , Jason rose from the Crystal Lake and began to see a hallucination from his mother to kill all camp consolers to avenge her death.Now, that we know about Jason Voorhees family history it is time to talk about the film.

When I saw the film “Friday the 13th” it was funny and cheesy at the same time. Yes, I know this movie is old, but it did bring in mystery and the main villain was Jason’s mother.

Let me tell you that Jason’s mother had a sickening mind in her killing spree. Warning: the following will have gruesome detail on how she killed the camp consolers. In the film there was a part where two of the camp consolers were in bed together having sexual intercourse.

However, one of them needed to use the bathroom and the other one stayed in bed smoking a joint. As he was relaxing in bed Jason’s mother, who was hiding under the bed, grabbed the consolers’ head and began to slide an arrow into his neck from below.

As she was sliding the arrow into his neck his blood was spewing out his neck and mouth. This right here is crazy and gruesome for any mother to do to gain revenge.

As the film continues, multiple camp consolers died from Mrs. Voorhees gruesome tactics kills. Some of kills in the film were cheesy and some were gruesome kills. For example, in the beginning of the movie there was one character who was trying her best to defend herself from Jason’s mother.

But the camera began to zoom and do an awful slow-motion effect to the character. As the scene was trying to cut to a different scene, it stops and zooms in into the face of the character.

Then the screen goes white and shows the title of the movie. I found this cheesy and not a clever way to start a movie with a dull kill. The total amount of characters killed in this film were 10, including Jason’s mother.

In the end, I would recommend anyone to watch this film this Friday for an early Halloween.

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