Halloween (1978) is perfect to watch for the horrific holiday

Dark tones and hysterical symbols drive the plot of this classic thriller

Get ready, for in the next two weeks Halloween is coming and it will be scary this year.

If you plan on watching a scary movie to get your goosebumps rolling, then I would recommend watching the film 1978 version of “Halloween.”

This film is old; however, its usage of dark tones and music makes it a perfect film to watch for Halloween this year. Even the trailer of the movie used perfect dark tones to make an eerie movie to watch. Not to ruin your fun, but if you watch the trailer it starts off with random scenes of the movie.

First, it starts with a point of view of an unknown person stocking a house late at night. In the same point of view it shows the unknown figure stabbing someone with an unknown knife. Then it is revealed that a little kid wearing a clown costume with a big kitchen knife is stopped by the police officer.

After the scene is completed it shows the title of the film “Halloween.” In the next scene is a female driver seeing a hallucination of a ghost running on top of her car. Then it shows her being grabbed by someone with an unknown knife after she hits the brakes she hears a loud crack on her window.

This part made me jump since I was wearing my headphones. The next scene shows a killer breaking into a home and stocking his victim in the dark. As one of the victims was crying in agonizing pain it shows her standing near a balcony of stairs. This part was silent and shows the killer stocking to her from behind silently.

As he got closer he brought out a knife and caused her to fall off the balcony of stairs. She survived from the fall, but in my opinion, I would have asked for death.

The next scenes are funny and scary at the same. The woman got herself up and began to lump across the room to escape from the killer. Then it shows the killer running down the stairs, again stalking his victim. The woman managed to run outside of the home and apparently began to crawl on the grass, which made no sense and I started laughing because it wasn’t scary enough to make me jump.

Then it shows a blur and fast motion of our victim lumping across her house to the neighbor’s home. The film shows a well-done shot of the killer stalking her in a nemesis way. As the victim saw the killer getting closer to her she began to knock the door.

Then it shows a kid watching a film which made him distracted from the loud screaming and knocking from our victim. As she began to knock harder we’re shown again our title of the film “Halloween”.

The ending made me feel as if I was one of the characters running away from the killer. The only issue I had with “Halloween” was the recurring pumpkins, ghost and dark tones. Let me tell you though, out of the film’s series of “Halloween” pumpkins are the focal point and the symbol of the movie.

This is a bit annoying because films shouldn’t be using recurring symbols to gain attention from the audience. The film directors should use different elements to make this film scary and more appealing to the audience. For final words, I would recommend watching this film because it’s scary and uses perfect dark tones to make this film scary for Halloween.

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