Ju-On: The Grudge is still scary

Comparing the original and remake

One supernatural film made its way into the movie theaters that drastically changed the viewer’s mind on living in a haunted home alone.

The film, “Ju-On: The Grudge,” is a Japanese film of another remake film called “The Grudge.” Both of the films have the same storyline, scary elements and ghosts that try to kill the protagonist.

But the one that takes the spot as the scariest grudge film would be “Ju-On: The Grudge.” Here are three reasons why the original takes the spot as the scariest grudge film.

Similarly, the American version of “The Grudge,” uses the same storyline as the original film “Ju-On.” Both the films are told of a woman moving into a home in Tokyo, Japan.

In the Japanese version, it tells the story of the ghosts’ past who lived in this home. In the American version, the ghosts are portrayed to kill anyone who dares to step into the home. Both the original and remake have different endings on how the protagonist is killed by the ghosts.

Unlike the original film, the remake uses too many special effects. While I was watching the film, I was thinking that there should be a trailer for these films. Instead, I found a video on YouTube that compares both the films’ differences. In the video, the Japanese version makes the ghosts appear as a bloody and realistic ghost while the American version use special effects to make the ghost appear as a soulless ghost.

The main issue with the American version is that it uses too much of the special effects. For example, there was scene where the protagonist was riding on a bus.

While she was sitting down, the camera points at the bus’ window. Then, out of nowhere, the ghost appears in the window and screams at her in the bus. This didn’t make any sense and this shot should have been removed because it was dull.

As a matter of fact, the ending of the elderly lady was changed in the remake version. In the Japanese version, the female ghost was the elderly lady stalking the protagonist. Throughout the film our protagonist is shown being haunted by the ghosts. However, in the end of the film it is shown that the female ghost was the elderly woman.

In the American version, the elderly lady dies and is sent to the hospital. As the protagonist was left alone to see the elderly lady’s death bed, a long black strain of hair falls off which caused the protagonist to grasp for air.

She hears the noise of the ghost and out of nowhere the camera points at the ghost. As the camera was pointing at the ghost she lets out a scream and the film ends.

This ending made no sense and wasn’t scary in my mind. They should have done it as the original where the protagonist was killed instead of an offscreen kill.

Overall, if you were ever thinking of seeing a scary movie for Halloween. I would recommend watching “Ju-On: The Grudge” since it is scarier than the remake. The only warning I have is the that original is in Japanese, so I would watch the film with English annotations.

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