New coffee shop in North Mankato doubles as home decor

Neutral Groundz offers a homey environment to hang out and relax in

If you’re looking for a new place to hang out or do some shopping, look no further: Neutral Groundz has just opened in North Mankato!.

Neutral Groundz is a home decor and coffee shop located on Belgrade Avenue in North Mankato, about a ten-minute drive from the university.

Deb Morin, owner of Neutral Groundz, said she first wanted to open up as a home decor store, not thinking anything of coffee. But upon purchasing the building, the bank recommended opening a coffee shop.

“I listened,” she said, “because I think if you listen to what your community wants, they will come and support you.”

The vibe the customers gave off was definitely supportive and they seemed very happy to be visiting Neutral Groundz. The shop has a bar and tables for customers to sit and enjoy their coffee and bagels.

“I tried to make it very comfortable,” said Morin. “The locals can come and just really enjoy the space and not necessarily feel like they need to shop.”

Morin also equipped the shop with two couches, a bar with plug-ins, and Wi-Fi, which is great for any college student needing a new place to study.

Tandem Bagels and Beans, which offers Fair Trade and organic coffee, supplied the shop with the bagels and coffee. Both are local businesses, which Morin said she is “super supportive of.”

She also said she plans to add fresh salads, soups and sandwiches to their menus, alongside the bagels.

The home decor is spread throughout the store and makes the atmosphere very homey and comfortable. There was everything from natural candles and melts, wall decor and hangings, to decorative plates and dishes. There were even clothes for babies and toddlers near the back of the shop.

“Some of it is old mixed in with the new,” said Morin, “and some is handmade.”

She said she wants to focus more on buying local art, even from student artists attending Minnesota State University, Mankato.

“We are super supportive of MNSU,” she said. “The city council came up with some green space and we will possibly approach MNSU students and their green house, so that’s one more way to incorporate them into this.”

A lot of students have also been employed at Neutral Groundz as well, Morin said.

It was nice to see someone so supportive of the university and acting on their support. Morin seemed to have thought a lot about the students at MNSU and local businesses as well when opening Neutral Groundz and hopefully she hopes to have a great, long-lasting business.

There is no doubt that many will be back to Neutral Groundz for great coffee, fresh-baked bagels, and cute home decor. It is definitely a place to check out at least once. Make sure to bring friends and family for a very relaxing time in the newly opened store.

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