Is it too early for Christmas music?

Never too soon to get in the holiday cheer with music

So, Halloween is over and November is upon us. You know what that means—Christmas! Or at least, that’s what most people think about when November rolls around.

It’s like Thanksgiving doesn’t even exist and suddenly Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” is playing through every radio station. But honestly, I’m not complaining.

And don’t get me wrong, sometimes it is annoying when Mariah Carey is trying to get you in the holiday spirit before the snow has started to fall, but it’s really not that bad. I’d rather live in a world with early Christmas music than a world completely without it.

“I only like [Christmas music] during Christmas time,” said one MSU student. “I don’t like that it’s already on the radio.”

In all honesty, he’d better get used to it. Christmas music has existed before even our parents existed and it’s likely to never go away. It almost seems like every year it gets played earlier and earlier. But why is that such a bad thing?

“Christmas music helps keep my spirits up when it’s cold out,” said another student. “And when it snows.”

I have to agree with her. Whether you’re blasting a particular pop artist’s Christmas album or you’re listening to the classics, it can keep you from being in a slump once the cold weather hits.

Christmas music is also just generally really fun to listen to. You can listen to it while driving to work, at a Christmas party, while you’re baking cookies, opening up presents, etc. And everyone knows at least one or two Christmas songs, so why not sing along? Even if Christmas isn’t something you celebrate, the music is still fun.

And who cares if the world starts changing to Christmas decorations the minute Halloween is over? Blast some Christmas music and just go along with it. It’s a lot more fun to get into the holiday spirit and just be a part of it than be bummed about it. No one wants to be an Ebenezer Scrooge.

So whether it’s November or December, just enjoy the music while it lasts. Because Christmas will be over far too soon and the new year will begin. And we’ll have to wait another whole year to enjoy it again!

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