Quarantine creates high anxiety with film’s setting

Investigative call turns bad for reporter and her cameraman

“Quarantine” (2008) is a film that was shot in Los Angeles, California in a small apartment building at night.

A television reporter and her cameraman are assigned to investigate a 911 call in a small apartment building. When they got to the building the film begins to fill with suspicion and eerie of the unknown.

The police and fire station were there before the news crew came in. They soon realized that police came because a woman living in the building has been infected by unknown virus. The women viciously attacked her residence which everyone had to escape.

The Central Disease Control has quarantined the building, turning off phones, internet, television and so on. It’s very scary to live without the internet especially being chased by bloodthirsty zombies. The main characters of the film are the reporter and cameraman escaping from a quarantine building infested with bloodthirsty killers.

The film is scary and filled with funny characters. For example, The firefighter’s job is to make sure they have the tools to break down any doors that are locked or blocked.

Apparently, these firefighters don’t know how to break down a door with their tools. I must understand this is a scary movie and certain characters don’t believe in death in a dark and scary building.

The one thing that makes this film feel natural and bit organic has to do with the shot of the film they were using. Instead of using a stand pole camera they allowed the main character the cameraman to hold the camera. To make it feel natural and to give the audience an edge of their seats.

Even on IMDb, a user named A_Roode stated the film was not as strong as the original, but it kept him an edge on his seat. Which is surprising to me because I didn’t realize that there was an original “Quarantine” film. I did some research and the original film of Quarantine was REC 2007 which they are almost the same. But, the name title, the movie poster and the characters are different.

However, what made me feel the edge of this movie was the bloody violence, disturbing content and endless stress from the characters. Let me tell you: this film is truly bloody and digesting on what the characters must do to survive.

For example, there was one firefighter who used a sledgehammer to squash and bash all the bloodthirsty killers. The bloodthirsty killers are human beings and animals who got infected by a mysterious virus. There was one scene where a dog was infested by a virus which caused the dog to get out of control.

The firefighter swings his sledgehammer to the dog’s head which made a loud and squash noise. I felt sorry for the dog, but this dog was killing a lot of people and killing them by biting their necks. Toward the end of the film the reporter and cameraman were the last two surviving people until they meet the person who infected everyone with the virus. This unknown person was pale, had sharp teeth, and filled with red glowing eyes. This unknown person was ugly and truly terrifying to watch. Even the way it walked made it look even more terrifying to see.

The main characters were trapped inside a room with the creature. It was searching for its next meal. As the unknown figure began to get angry one of the main characters decided to get near the unknown figure.

I think these two main characters were stupid because the unknown figure smashed its head to the main character’s forehead. As the reporter was terrified of her lost cameraman she decided to grab the camera, which out of nowhere, the unknown figure dragged her legs across the room.

This ended the film with one last scream from the characters.

I find this ending dull and it should have been fixed. For example, the film should have ended with the main characters not getting near the unknown creature and could have quietly escaped the room.

In the end, the film wasn’t too scary at first, but as the suspicion began to grow, it became a fast-paced film which made feel at the edge of my seat. The film used great elements of fear and the bloody gore was almost realistic I would recommend watching the original and the remake version.

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