DR. SHERRISE TRUESDALE-MOORE: Professor of Corrections and Corrections Program Coordinator

Sherrise Truesdale-Moore, associate professor in the Sociology and Corrections Department and Corrections Program Coordinator, is truly a lady full of wonders.

The Correction Program provides general education for students across campus on juvenile delinquency and introduction to criminal justice. The Corrections Program also works closely with the greater Mankato community thus giving students access to resources off campus, especially for international or out-of-state students.

Moore is passionate about lecturing on juvenile delinquency and has a unique interest of reaching out to black students on campus as relating to a faculty of color can be highly beneficial for the students in terms of both retention as well as performance.

“I had the privilege of having proper guidance while I was in college thus I would like to emanate the same,” Moore said. “Plus, research also shows connection between a student of color and a faculty of color makes a huge difference in that student’s college experience.”

Moore also works closely with the Institutional Diversity Office and aids whenever possible if asked for any type of assistance.

Moore’s history as to how she became an assistant professor at MSU Mankato is quite the tale. Moore was given the rare opportunity to work at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Division of Narcotics while she was completing an internship at a Consumer Products Safety Commission.

“A bulb went off in my head and that was one of the most memorable moments in my life as it was an exhilarating experience working for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, plus I got awarded for my contribution to the division of Narcotics,” she said.

One of Moore’s vital contributions to the U.S. Attorney’s Office was handling a case that brought to justice a conspiracy ring that was handling the drug Fentanyl and had killed 25 people at the time.

After working for the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Moore went on to work in private law and later worked as a program administrator for a Statewide Corrections Program working closely with juveniles.

“While I was getting my doctorate, someone gave me the opportunity to work as an adjunct professor at Baltimore City Community College,” Moore said. “I did that for a couple of years, then became a preparing future faculty fellow and ended up working at James Madison University before my career path finally led me to Minnesota State University, Mankato.”

Moore said that it was a chain of events that included all she wanted to do in terms of education: working with young people and impacting the criminal justice industry.

Moore also stated that, with the now prevalent issues in society dealing with various injustices, students—especially those of color—should show more strides to acquire the knowledge that will aid them in making a difference. This is where her inspiration comes from, to educate and send competent people to work in the community; people who will have high credentials to deal with prevailing issues in society, especially in the criminal justice system. Moore also hopes to see more domestic African Americans in her department as she addresses a ton of issues that mainly affect the colored population.

“Touching the lives of students is also something special to me,” Moore said. “I have had two students that I have mentored at MSU, Mankato who now both have doctorates and are professors at prestigious universities, which is something I am very proud of.”

Moore stated that she is impressed with the MSU, Mankato’s efforts to increase diversity at the University, which is evident as it keeps increasing rapidly every academic year. She is also very pleased that the minority students are taking initiative by planning and executing events for themselves, which shows they are getting more involved on campus.

Moore is without a doubt an ideal professor who hopes to inspire students to reach higher pinnacles in education as well as every other aspect in life.

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