JACOBI LAURA: Professor of Communication Studies

Laura Jacobi, a professor of communication studies, is making an educational impact towards college students in Minnesota State University, Mankato.

Jacobi previously worked at University of Minnesota and she changed her job to Minnesota State University, Mankato. She stated that working at the University of Minnesota was different than working here. When she came for orientation here at MSU, Mankato, she stated that one day all the staffs, faulty members and professors gather together to introduce each other, which was amazing and different then at the U of M. She stated that her at previous job, it felt like working in small islands, which made it difficult to interact with different students and professors.

Additionally, Laura got her job here in MSU, Mankato through a graduate assistant who worked in the communication department. They had an opening that matched her description of her background experience as a Communication professor.

“I wasn’t searching for the missing piece of the puzzle. I welcome the student there at my previous job, but as soon I read the job desecration, it felt if it was written for me,” she said. “The requirement matched my experiences as a professor.”

The job description stated they were looking for a professor who had experiencing teaching at a high school level, and so on.

Jacobi has some strong opinions on world issues. When asked what some things in life that you would change, the first thing she said was she would want to end racism in the world. The reason being is that when she was a kid eating at the family table, the adult would chat about their day while the kids were expected to sit quietly and eat. Her family member would begin to talk about some racism stuff that made Laura get up from her chair and say to her relatives that what they were saying was racist. Some of her family members would become quiet while other one laughed.

The second thing Laura said she would change in life is to encourage everyone to use their potential skills in life. This is one of Laura’s pet peeves; if you have a skill or talent that can make a difference in life, then you use don’t sit around and wait for the opportunity to happen. Go out there and find the opportunity and show them your skill instead of sitting around.

Lastly, Laura shared that she would end the lack of motivational drive in her large lecture hall. Many of her students understand the material she teaches; however, some of them would procrastinate. She persists and tries to find different ways to get her students motivated by using different teaching techniques. She also allows to students to get together in groups to discuss the material she is teaching.

In the end, it was wonderful meeting up with Professor Jacobi Laura, who is an interesting professor to know. She can adapt, overcome, and is eager to face any challenges that get in her way. She went from a big university to a small university that is filled with diverse people from different backgrounds.

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