SANDI SCHNORENBERG: Director of University Security

Sandi Schnorenberg has been the Director of Campus Security at Minnesota State University, Mankato for just over a year now; she started the position in August 2016. She is a retired as police commander and formerly worked with the Mankato Department of Public Safety, where she worked for 30 years. She graduated from MNSU in 1986.

Since she has started working here as the director, she has tried to make sure that the security staff is more involved in the different events going on around school. Schnorenberg has also made it more possible to meet with different groups and be able to talk to people while security staff are on duty. This helps to answer questions and give information that students should know and lets them know that the security system here is open 24/7.

Students can reach out to security if anything comes up or if they want to ask any questions or need any help. This helps the staff know what is happening on campus and helps to improve the security system for the campus.

When asked how safe Mankato is for students, Schnorenberg was said that Mankato is safe for students due to the low violent-crime rate and also the fact that campus security provide safe walk on campus. Safe walks are available to students who may be scared to walk alone at night; they can call the campus security office to request a security personnel walk with them to their destination, including the parking lots. It is also advised that students should walk with a friend when walking at night and using precautions and general safety practices.

The security staff patrol both day and at night and students are encouraged to ask them questions about different things that are happening that they would want to know. Students are advised to be more aware of their surroundings in case of emergency situation and should speak out if anything happens where they feel they should contact campus security.

When asked about some of the sexual assault cases that have occurred on campus, Schnorenberg said that there are less sexual assaults cases that have happened recently. She said that campus security works with the survivor/victim in order to make sure they get the counseling and support they need, either on campus or off campus, and to make sure that the survivor/victim is safe and comfortable.

However, security can only do something if they are informed of the incident. Since most sexual assaults cases are not reported, they are trying to develop a consent program that is required for new student to take in order to learn about consent, how to say no and how to know when a person is able to give consent or not.

Information about the MNSU campus security can be found on their website or Residence Hall Association meetings, where any news in general to keep students updated for anything happening on campus occurs. Some advertisements are made in “The Reporter.” Information is sent out through personal safety alerts and also e-mailed to students in serious cases that may have occurred on campus, such as sexual assaults and other assaults, to make students more aware of what is happening around campus. Students can also check boards around campus, as notices are sometimes posted on them as well.

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