Stranger Things strikes again with bingeworthy new season

The Duffer brothers continue their iconic, charismatic 80s vibe

When Netflix premiered “Stranger Things” in the summer of 2016, the world couldn’t stop talking about it. The new season became available for streaming Oct. 27 on Netflix.

Within a matter of hours of release the new season was trending and just as popular as the first. For people who didn’t start watching it the moment it was released, it was like walking on eggshells to avoid spoilers and discussion.

“Stranger Things” is a Netflix original series about the small town named Hawkins, plagued by mysterious happenings in the town. The show shines with a vibrant and interesting cast including Winona Ryder. When the first season dropped, the children cast as the group of friends became instant stars.

Created by the Duffer brothers, “Stranger Things” mixes modern filmmaking and direction with the nostalgia and charm of a 1980s Spielberg classic. The twin brothers grew up watching classic blockbuster movies, and they wanted to create the same emotion with a new twist.

The title screen is a perfect example of the combination of technology and classic filmmaking. Before computers and digital production, title sequences were created optically with a projector and camera, capturing each individual shot.

In order to give the show’s title sequence an imperfect look, they created Kodaliths and filmed what the contract looked like. By using Kodaliths, they were able to make the introduction organic and tactile, while still being made digitally.

Netflix is very unique in comparison to network television because it releases a full season at once in hopes that people will binge watch without waiting a week in between. At the end of each episode, the show leaves you with a cliffhanger that forces you to start the next right away.

By doing this, every episode is connected to make one very long movie. This keeps people glued to their TVs and won’t let go until the end of the season. The only issue with this strategy is that we often forget about the show a few months later, unlike a show we watch the whole season like “Riverdale”.

Season one of “Stranger Things” ended with a big splash. With the beginning of season two, it wasn’t until the fourth episode that things started to get really interesting. From then on the season felt strong. The Duffer Brothers need to figure out what direction they want the series to go.

The second season felt like a buffer between the first and third seasons; a bridge instead of a destination. Every season should have a start and finish and should be exciting in its own way, it should not be held back because of the next season.

Although the this season lacked direction and motivation, the technical aspects are impeccable. The editing and camera work is the best in the industry. The show has the look and caliber of a motion picture, so expectations are very high. I look forward to binging season three.

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