Lady Bird is for the melodramatic, nostalgic, and comedic

Lady Bird’s character is a lovable, emotional and self aware person

At the Walker in Minneapolis, I was lucky enough to get a free early viewing of “Lady Bird”, a debut film by veteran actress, Greta Gerwig.

The film follows a young woman who calls herself “Lady Bird” and is centered around her relationship with her mother.

By appearance, “Lady Bird” is as straight-forward as coming-of-age films generally are, but the authenticity of this film is light years ahead of others of its kind. “Lady Bird” feels so real and natural because it is somewhat biographical to its director who also grew up in Sacramento, California.

Lady Bird is melodramatic. She hates living in Sacramento and wants to go to college on the East Coast. She relates to many of her generation, feeling trapped in their hometown, wanting to run away and start over.

Lady Bird feels like a melodrama because it provokes emotions that feel way too real. Being stuck in a private Catholic high school and having a rocky relationship with your mother is not far off from a lot of people. I believe that “Lady Bird” is so strong because it is very refreshing for a film, but is also so close to home. Melodramas make you feel good and sad, and this is exactly how it made me feel.

Lady Bird is nostalgic. She would never want to admit it, but she loves Sacramento. Throughout the whole film, Lady Bird is sick of where she is at, but she doesn’t understand what she has untilit’s gone from her. Likewise, as much as she cusses out her mother, there is no one else in the world that she could love more.

Lady Bird keeps this hatred attitude later realizing how good she has it; no matter how hard life seems at one point, when you look back you can’t help but be thankful. “Lady Bird” never lets you forget where you are from, and how all these small seemingly useless interactions shape who you are, and the impact you have or will have on another person’s life.

“Lady Bird” is comedic. At one point of the screening, I couldn’t stop laughing. This film made me smile more than most do; it was as if I was watching life unfold in front of me. Being a college student, I understand how difficult writing a screenplay is, and for this screenplay to feel so realistic and natural is very impressive.

Lady Bird’s relationship with her mom is the heart of the film and the heart of the comedy. Part of the humor is how relatable the interactions are as if you could imagine yourself complaining to your mom at Target.

“Lady Bird” is easy to watch. If you are a fan of warm-hearted melodramas, you will not want to miss this movie. The film is very centered on its coming of age and doesn’t sway too far from it.

If you enjoy movies that are full of action sequences and visual effects, you may not be a fan. “Lady Bird” is a perfect trip down memory lane for any college student far from home battling themes we have all dealt with.

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