NFL week 10: For some, time for a change (or several)

Some NFL teams have valuable players for rebuilds of their franchises

After week 10 in the NFL, not only have we figured out which teams are dependable in the NFL and which are not. This week, after getting past the midway mark of the NFL season for every team, it is time to separate the wheat from the chaff. These are the teams to blow up. First, some parameters: This list will not include teams like the Cleveland Browns or San Francisco 49ers, who are mid-explosion. These teams need to commit to the rebuild and trade away big pieces while they still have the assets to make a change.

New York Giants
After getting beat pretty badly by the winless-49ers, it is time to blow it up. Realistically it was probably time weeks ago, but people will still take Eli Manning (looking at you, Jacksonville) and in a year with a packed quarterback class, this is the time to blow up the roster. Drafting a top level quarterback and trading Manning for either picks or a solid lineman would be huge for the Giants.

Los Angeles Chargers
This team has a pretty solid defense and a really good front seven, which will help reconstruct the offense much like the Los Angeles Rams built up an offense around their defense. Trading Keenan Allen and Philip Rivers will be step one. The Cardinals would probably go for Rivers and the Chargers could receive draft picks and a defensive piece in return. There are plenty of solid receivers coming out along with quarterbacks in this draft and Allen could get them an offensive lineman to help protect their new signal caller. Another great player on the line would also help Melvin Gordon.

Denver Broncos
It is time get rid of everything. Running backs, quarterbacks and every receiver not named Emmanuel Sanders. This draft class has plenty of running backs coming as well and a rookie paired with Devin Booker is probably going to be pretty close to what they have now. The defense is great and good enough to even consider trading a few pieces like Aqib Talib for picks, a play they can make because of their depth.

Miami Dolphins
They started doing this a little bit with the strange trade of Jay Ajayi, now it is time to finish it. Getting rid of Ryan Tannehill should grab them picks, along with losing a couple players on defense for picks. They should go after a quarterback, like Lamar Jackson paired with Jarvis Landry and the Dolphins mix of running backs looks to be the best option, but the main point here is to try and reload, as the old model is not working.

The common theme here is teams who can win games, but not a lot of them, getting a chance to restart in what is a very stacked class of quarterbacks. Teams like the Arizona Cardinals will struggle because they cannot grab extra picks from a Carson Palmer trade. In the rebuild for all these teams, a really good draft class after some smart trades could keep the reboot to only a couple season, instead of the hell that the Browns have fallen into. These are the teams who have the pieces to make a change, along with the motivation. BLOW IT UP!

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