Students to showcase skills in third season of World’s Got Talent

The World’s Got Talent: Season 3 event is set to take place on Monday, Nov. 27 in the Ostrander Auditorium and will have unimaginable eminence.

The event is free for everyone, with the winners being chosen based on the audience vote. The event is meant to be a platform where colorful talent from around the globe is showcased.

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. with attractions such as henna—a signature international trend where stylish designs are applied to the skin using thick paste—starting at 5 p.m. The event will also have delicious snacks with performances scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. This event is the last of this semester, thus set to be phenomenal in order to close out the semester with a bang.

World’s Got Talent is a fall event hosted by the International Student Association, which works diligently to provide both international as well as domestic students with events that enable interaction amongst cultures. The event, which is one of the biggest hosted by ISA, was started three years ago by Dolly Baruah, who went on to become president of the ISA. She went through various obstacles to get the first World’s Got Talent event going and a couple of years down the line it has become well known amongst students at Minnesota State University, Mankato. World’s Got Talent event has now gradually become a legacy as it encompasses the entire student population, showcasing talent from various cultures and providing a suitable atmosphere for students to mingle at MNSU, making it unique.

The event has progressed tremendously over the years and this year, to add a bit of sizzle, there will be a performance by a flash mob while the votes are being tallied. Sujan Shrestha, the public relations officer for ISA and the coordinator of the flash mob, stated that the team has been working hard and is eager to thrill the crowd.

Shuk Ping Wong, the ISA event coordinator, stated that World’s Got Talent is an excellent avenue for international students to get involved on campus.

“International students are often the minority on campus, thus getting involved usually tends to be a challenge for some,” Wong said.

The past World’s Got Talent events have had some shortcomings, but the ISA tends to address all of the outlying issues this year to ensure the event runs smoothly.

ISA also hopes the event will increase its publicity to students, especially international students, to inform them of the various activities put on throughout the academic year. One of the purposes of the ISA is to create forums where international students can feel comfortable and get involved thus the World’s Got Talent will be an ideal environment for that.

The World’s Got Talent: Season 3 will without a doubt be an unmissable majestic night.

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