World’s Got Talent Season 3 exceeds expectations

Audience chooses Everest Crew as favorite, Udu and Nadie runners up

The World’s Got Talent Season 3 event hosted by the International Student Association on Monday, November 27th was a glorious occasion with breathtaking performances. The event was held in the CSU Ostrander Auditorium and had talent from all over the globe, as every performer was anxious to showcase their talent. The event was well organized and masterfully coordinated throughout the entire night. The atmosphere of the room was buzzing throughout the night with a colossal turnout that added to the energy of the event. The henna tattoos that were an attraction at the door to the event was of pure elegance and the snacks were delightfully refreshing.

The hosts of the event did an exceptional job, entertaining the audience as they introduced each performance. One of the hosts was the winner of the World’s Got Talent Season 2 and she was thrilled to introduce new performers who also wanted to wow the crowd with their talent. The event was unique in that the audience voted for the performance they thought should win the competition.

Each performance was spectacular and the judges of the event had a hard time sorting out the votes to find the winner. The main categories of performances for the night were dance, song, band and rap. There were some performances that incorporated two categories and did an outstanding job.

There were 14 performances overall lined up for the night but because of unforeseen circumstances one of the performers was unable to grace the stage. This however did not hinder the event as the show had to go on. Although all the performers had top class acts with wonderful talent there could only be one winner at the end of the night.

As the votes were being counted, numerous activities took place to keep the crowd entertained. A blooper video to show the hard work and dedication put in by the ISA to host the event was shown which also featured a practice session by the flash mob meant to perform. A jaw dropping performance by the flash mob followed, which was invigorating and well-choreographed. The crowed loved it and the tireless work put in by the flash mob members really paid off.

Two of the hosts performed a karaoke song from their native country Nepal as it truly took the judges some time to tally the votes as all the performances were remarkable. The two hosts from Nepal also had an impromptu slow dance on the stage, which had a romantic touch to it, but had to be cut short as the results had finally arrived.

The performances were all phenomenal but at the end of the night the winner of the World’s Got Talent Season 3 was the crowd favorite: Everest Crew. This was a dance crew that performed a fusion of hip hop and cultural dance. As soon as they walked onto the stage, the crowd went wild and their performance was incredible.

The first runner up was Udu who performed two of Sam Smith’s songs, an English singer-songwriter’s who is an inspiration to him. He played Say Something majestically on the piano first then topped off his performance with an impeccable voice, singing the song Pray.

The second runner up was Nadia who touched the hearts of audience members with two songs filled with culture and heritage: “Zaama Nar Tetfachi” and “Lemouni Eli Gharou” from her home country Tunisia, as slides of the great nation rocked the screen behind her. Her performance was one of a kind and showed true passion along with patriotism for her nation.

Three other awards were given out at the event to acknowledge some other superb performers; Best Outfit went to Maycee Vee, who was stunningly dressed as she performed a cultural dance that was flawless; Best Culture Act went to the dance crew FAV 3, which was made of three sophisticated ladies that were marvelous on stage as they performed a fabulous cultural dance; and Best Unique Act went to the KANSAI Lovers who incorporated both song and dance as they performed a creative remake of the Cup Song.

All the winners of the show received certificates and the Everest Crew also won a gift certificate. The night was spectacular and all the winners were grateful for their efforts to sharpen their talents that brought them glory at the end of the night.

The World’s Got Talent Season 3 event was a huge success and ran smoothly throughout the entire night. It was an event like no other with high quality performance and a lovely audience. The ISA truly outdid itself and the lingering thought at the end of the night was of how the ISA would manage to top off an event of this caliber next fall.


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