Cult of Chucky ends up being a mind-numbing doll to fear

2017 film lacks much needed scariness of classic thriller franchise


“Cult of Chucky” came out in theaters October 24, 2017, near Halloween. However, here in the United States, it wasn’t released in theaters. Instead, many audiences could watch this film on Netflix. This film is the seventh installment of the franchise to the Chucky series.

The director of “Cult of Chucky” was not the original director of “Child’s Play” of 1988. Instead, the director and writer of this film is Don Mancini who is the director of “Curse of Chucky” released in 2013. The film is rated R and the genre is a combination of horror and suspense. Most people call this film “Child’s Play 7” instead of “Cult of Chucky”.

I got done watching this film with my friend, and I had to take some medicine for my mind-numbing headache after watching this dull and not scary film. The director of this film took this film from something scary to a dull film to watch. Why so dull you might ask?

Because the film starts off in a mental asylum with a female character who is a handicap and accused of killing her whole family I feel sorry for her. There were a lot of shots of the mental asylum being all white, which means the nurse, workers, walls and outside were all white. Outside was snowing and kind of felt like Christmas Eve, but I wasn’t sure what day this film was shot.

Yes, I understand that the nurse, workers, and walls are to represent a hospital theme. In my opinion, I would have changed the color of the wall to make it scarier for the audience to watch. Because every time I saw the walls it reminded me of a hospital instead of a mental asylum.

Anyway, the killer that brought nightmares to many families is Chucky, the killer doll. I expect Chucky to be a messed-up doll in this film. I was wrong, very wrong. The design and the look of Chucky are quite stupid. The new Chucky doll is not scary compared to the original ones. I feel the original dolls had a creepy vibe compared to the new who just don’t scream creepy.

When it comes to this modern design of Chucky’s face it didn’t bring that eerie suspension to the film. Automatic, I knew he was the killer in the film, but I shouldn’t know that he is the killer. The director should have gone with a mysterious killer vs introducing the killer immediately.

In the franchise of Chucky, his whole purpose is to find a human body and to transfer his soul into the body. In this film that is a different story. Instead of having one killer doll there are three killer dolls in the mental asylum. The reason why there are three killer dolls is that Chucky found a way of passing his same soul to different dolls. Which doesn’t make any sense and defeats the whole purpose of Chuck’s goal of transferring his soul to a human body.

In the original Child’s Play of 1988, Chucky had a limited amount of time of transferring his soul to another body. When failed to do that his soul is stuck in that doll for the rest of his life. But, in the film that changes the whole purpose of transferring Chucky’s soul to a human body. Instead of transferring one soul he decides to copy and paste his same soul into many other Chucky dolls.

The gore in this film did a decent job of killing of the characters off, especially towards the end of the film. When the handicap female character was introduced to the three Chucky killer dolls, one of them possessed her body. The antagonist of the film was knocked out by one of the killer dolls.

As he woke up, the possessed handicap women rose up from her seat and walked towards him with her high heels. From the point of view of the antagonist, the women rose her feet and began to stomp on the antagonist’s face. As she did that blood was spewing out of the antagonist’s face and began to look like smashed mushy pumpkin pieces.

It was gross, morbid and kind of a victory for the handicap female character because this antagonist was hypnotizing her to forget that he was molesting her in his office.

In the end of the film, the possessed women walk outside of the mental asylum meeting with another woman who is the girlfriend of Chucky. When they both meet they give each other kisses and get into the car. As they both were having an evil small conversation one of the dolls from the back seat began to laugh.

Thus, all the characters in the car began to laugh as well and we are shown the car driving off in the middle of the snow. This ending wasn’t good, as I expected the main protagonist killing all the characters in the car. That right there would have ended the film and left the audiences feeling safe. Knowing that the killer doll is no longer killing anyone at any time of the day.

The film “Cult of Chucky” has potential and is fun to watch with anyone. The main things I would have changed would be the design of Chucky, the color of the wall and focus on one killer doll instead of three killer dolls.

I would have shortened the runtime of this film since it felt like I was watching it for more than an hour and a half. The director of this film should have focused on the origin of Chucky series where Chucky’s goal was to find a human body and transfer his soul to it, instead of doing a copy and paste to every Chucky doll with the same actor voicing them out. I would highly recommend watching the Chucky series to understand Chucky’s origin.

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  • That horror junkie

    If you saw seed of chucky you know that he decided to stay a doll and not become human again after all. He actually did possess Nica also. And don mancini made chucky as original as possible especially when he still appeared as a regular non-possessed doll. As for the length of the movie, that’s as long as all the other movies which are not long at all. So if they’d made it any shorter, it wouldn’t really seem like a movie, more like a short.


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