Best Bar: Blue Bricks

A perfect hangout with a modern environment

Need somewhere to go out with friends or co-workers that everyone will enjoy? Blue Bricks is a perfect stop to hang out and unwind. 

Since 1999, Blue Bricks has been a community favorite and is the perfect destination to grab a bite to eat, watch a game, grab some drinks, play some pool or all of the above.  

Ironically, the whole building is made of brick with a few blue bricks spread throughout the establishment. Decked out in sports jerseys and famous pictures and posters, they offer an environment for just about everyone. One of the many perks has to be the large lounge area because of its comfortable seating and open space which is perfect for hanging out. 

Typically, this has been my friends’ first stop on a Friday or Saturday night because of the “modern and upbeat environment” as well as the delicious food.  

Having a variety of food, Blue Bricks serves many beers and eatery essentials like burgers, steaks, chicken wings, pasta, greens and most importantly their pizza pies. 

Some favorites among a majority have been their wide selection of pizzas and burgers. Luckily, they have deals on just about every section of their menu.  

Set at a reasonable price, you don’t have to say no to their Nachos Grande or their Garlic Cheese bread because their starters are a $1 off during Happy Hour. Or if you are in the mood for steak or sirloin, Thursday nights are perfect because you can take an extra $2 off.  

One of the many cool aspects of this place has to be that if you don’t feel like going out, you can order their food for carryout or even for delivery which is conveniently free. Both carryout and delivery are only available from 11 am to midnight. They additionally offer a catering service. 

There are many aspects that can benefit community members who are looking for a good time. On top of their catering, carryout and delivery service, they offer a safe yet fun environment to be in that has drawn people in for the last 19 years. 

When a business has employees with positive attitudes, it makes the establishment even more inviting prior to its delicious products. Luckily, you’ll find a staff like that at Blue Bricks so hurry on down. 

Give them a call at 507-386-1700 or stop in and grab a table for you and your friends at Blue Bricks. 

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