Best Happy Hour: Applebee’s

Half price apps combine with happy hour hour at Applebee’s

Applebee’s may not be exclusive to the city of Mankato, but Mankato locals are sure glad they have one in their town.  

Applebee’s is an affordable and tasty restaurant with over 1,990 restaurants in the U.S., but in Mankato, Applebee’s is most known for its exceptional happy hour. According to the citizens of Mankato via an online poll, Applebee’s has been chosen as having the best happy hour in town. 

Applebee’s happy hour runs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. every day of the week. The drink specials during this time consist of 50 percent off drinks as well as $3.25 domestic tap beer, $3.50 wine and $4 long islands and margaritas. 

Those who want to save money, but also want to have a drink are in for a treat this month. For only the month of February Applebee’s is offering $1 Bahama Mama’s, a tropical drink that combines flavors of coconut, cherry, lime and orange with white rum. For those looking for a break after a long day of work or college Applebees’ Happy Hour is the place to be.  

Applebee’s guests who aren’t big drinkers or are under the age of 21, do not worry because Applebee’s also has an amazing deal on appetizers and entrees during their Happy Hour. For example, they offer a deal known as ‘two for twenty’ which means that one can get two entrees and an appetizer for the low price of $20. Options for the entrée include their cedar grilled lemon chicken, three cheeses Cavatappi, sirloin stir-fry, and many more. 

Happy Hour is a great opportunity for many to drink and eat for a small fee, but what about those who don’t get off work until 6, when Happy Hour is over? Don’t panic because Applebee’s also offers their legendary deal called half price appetizers.  

Half price apps, as the kids like to call it, occurs on weekdays after 9 p.m. until close. It is also offered on weekends from 10 p.m. to close. The appetizers that are offered during this time consist of boneless wings accompanied by a number of sauces, mozzarella sticks, as well as their famous spinach and artichoke dip.  

Zachary Smith, a junior at Minnesota State University Mankato, is well known across campus as being an Applebee’s super fan. “Half apps are always nice, but my personal favorite is the triple chocolate meltdown dessert. It is so good I dream about it at night,” said Smith. 

Applebee’s, the all-American bar and grill, is located at 1900 Adams Street across from the mall. Stop by during the Applebee’s award-winning Happy Hour and maybe, if you’re lucky, you’ll see Zachary Smith enjoying his favorite chocolate treat. 

Photo: (Michelle Vlasak/MSU Reporter)

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