Best Lunch Specials: Pagliai’s Pizza

Delicious lunch specials for an unbeatable price

Pagliai’s Pizza has been voted as having the best lunch specials in Mankato. This long-running neighborhood pizzeria offers pizzas, sandwiches, spaghetti, beer, wine and other beverages. Google Reviews give this pizzeria 4.6 stars, Facebook gives it 4.7/5 stars, and Foursquare gives it 8.6/10. This means that this pizzeria is the best pizza restaurantsto eat at in Mankato. This pizzeria has been open since 1969 and can be found at 524 S Front Street in Downtown Mankato. 

As a matter of fact, what makes this place great is the price of their food. You might think that the cost of the food is a foolish statement. However, Pagliai’s Pizza motto is ‘Quality & Quantity.’ This mean that they care about their customers’ satisfaction. Their food prices range from $8-$20 and beverages would be from $1-$12.  

Speaking of the menu, did you know that Pagliai’s Pizza offers about 43 foods on their menu? That is both crazy and great because you can pick and choose whatever food you like or are curious to eat. My favorite food from their menu is the “Maverick” pizza, which toppings include sausage, beef, Canadian bacon, and pepperoni. I am a meat lover, so no vegetables on my meat pizza, especially pineapple. So, the taste of the food is excellent. The food was delicious and spicy as well. In my opinion, I would order the “Maverick” at Pagliai’s Pizza, but everyone has a choice of whatever foods they love to eat. 

What do people say about this place? On Google Reviews, a lot of people say that the place is great, food is tasty, a wonderful place to stop for pizza and staffs were wonderful people. They even said the atmosphere was good and tables were always clean. Even some of them said that the price of the food was reasonable and good for everyone. My favorite quote was from Ermias Asfaw who said, “This place is as old as the town, but the food is unforgettable. I visit this place with the kids often. I highly recommend it.” The store opened in 1969 and it is still a place that new generation love to eat. 

In the end, the food was excellent, the atmosphere was good, and the tables were clean. I would highly recommend anyone to eat their food. If you haven’t eaten their food I would first try their pizza sauce to understand the flavor. Then, you can choose your favorite pizza to eat. 

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