Best Mexican Cuisine: Mazatlan

Mazatlan once again proves authentic

Probably one of the best tasting foods for the money you spend on it, for the name of the restaurant even has ‘authentic” in it, El Mazatlan Authentic Mexican Restaurant Mankato is one of the town’s most beloved restaurants.  

Located at 1525 Tullamore Street, Mazatlan offers a variety of drink specials and amazing food to have you coming back again and again. 

A video online takes you through El Mazatlan’s story, but at the bottom of their website it explains, “El Mazatlan Restaurant opened in 2003 with a vision of bringing authentic Mexican food to Mankato, Minnesota. Combining affordable quality meals and drinks, a hard working staff, and a unique atmosphere makes El Mazatlan “Mankato’s best”. 

It’s hard to argue with your face drowning in a large margarita fish bowl priced half off its normal listing. El Mazatlan prides itself on quality over quantity, and this reflects why they have year in and year out taken home Mankato’s best authentic Mexican restaurant.  

If you haven’t had the chance to visit yet, I suggest you do. They have drink specials running throughout the week, yet their most notorious item is the half priced fish bowls that are available on Thursday.  With drink and food specials nearly every night of the week, there isn’t much of an excuse not to give Mazatlan a try.  

Photo: (Michelle Vlasak/MSU Reporter)

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