Best Pizza: Pagliai’s Pizza

Mankato’s oldest pizzeria keeps cooking

Tradition is a difficult past time to argue against when it comes to Pagliai’s Pizza.  The restaurant has been around since 1969, proving the family’s recipe can withstand the test of time.  

In fact, Pagliai’s Pizza is the oldest pizzeria in Mankato, as well as one of the city’s oldest buildings.  

This pizza joint has been around so long they can create any combination of pizza almost imaginable, from a pizza with the works to a maverick to a garden.  Pagliai’s even has sandwiches and other items, like salads and pasta, for those who are not up to eating a Pagliai’s pizza. 

Pagliai’s takes pride in their restaurant and chop only the freshest meat and vegetables daily to ensure the best tasting pizza.  

“It’s hard to believe no one would want their pizza though, as some people love it so much,” Stacey said on their website. “We actually drive from the Twin Cities back to Mankato to eat at Pagliai’s. At our latest trip we discussed why we liked the pizza – and determined it was the sauce, the crust, and even the ingredients! It is all delicious! The pepperoni pizza is definitely a classic – but the specialty pizzas are also good. I recently tried the new southwest bbq chicken pizza and loved that one too! We usually end up ordering more than one and sharing since it is so hard to decide. They offer a small selection of beers and also have hoagies – but I go for the pizza. If you want a fancy restaurant – this isn’t the place. If you want a fun place for pizza and conversation – then this is perfect! - Stacey P, Judy’s book 

A Yahoo Local user also had these words to say on Pagliai’s website: “Best Pizza in the United States. In the past year my family has traveled to Chicago and New York city in search of the best pizza in the country, and it turns out it is hidden away in little Mankato, MN. - DaPete, Yahoo Local 

Pagliai’s hours of operation run Sunday through Wednesday – 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Thursday – 11 a.m. to midnight, and Friday and Saturday – 11 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.  

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