NeStCom to host Nepali Night; students will experience Nepal

Entire CSU will be transformed into three regions of country

Nepal is an exotic and majestic place, with awe-inspiring natural features and exquisite people.

On Saturday, Feb. 10 starting at 5 p.m., the Centennial Student Union will undergo a transformation to represent the alluring country of Nepal for the Nepali Student Community’s (NeStCom) Nepali Night.

Apart from the vast amounts of cultural knowledge to be shared, something to especially look forward to during Nepali Night is the ever-delicious cuisines. The cost for the event is $8 pre-sale and $10 at the door.

Nepali Night, a signature cultural event for NeStCom, is sponsored by the International Student Association.
Sanjaya Balami, the president of NeStCom, stated that this Nepali Night will be truly special as NeStCom has been given the entire CSU to represent their country.

“Nepal’s three geographical regions will be ideal in dividing the CSU into these regions,” Balami said. “The CSU basement will represent the Terai to the south, the first floor the hilly middle region, and the second floor the Himalaya to the north, thus students will experience what it is like in each of these regions.”

The theme of the Nepali Night this year is “Chinari” which means “our identity.” Christina Shrestha, the former president of NeStCom and a recent graduate advising NeStCom on the proceedings of the Nepali Night, stated that the diversity and culture of Nepal played a huge role in coming up with the theme.

“Nepal is very rich in culture and has a manifold of people, thus NeStCom plans to share their unique way of life with all who attend the Nepali Night,” Shrestha said.

Shrestha’s experience has been highly beneficial to the organization as she had the privilege of planning Nepali Nights prior to the upcoming one.

Balami states that this will be the perfect opportunity to show students who the Nepali people are and distinguish Nepalese people from other associated identities, thus the theme “our identity.”

“This exclusive night will give attendees the once in a lifetime chance to feel like they have spent a night in the magnificent nation of Nepal,” said Sagar Panth, events coordinator of NeStCom.

Shrestha stated that the 2015 theme “Pratibimba,” meaning “reflection,” and the reason for this was to give tribute to the graduating officials of NeStCom as well as celebrate a decade since the organization’s inception, which is one of the most active Recognized Student Associations on campus.

“The event was overshadowed by the devastating Nepal earthquake which had catastrophic effects,” Shrestha said. “However, the Nepal earthquake acted as motivator to fundraise at the event and all the money collected was distributed to over 300 organizations in Nepal.”

Shrestha states that this year, the opportunity to fully represent Nepal and set the night alight has presented itself, thus it will make every moment memorable.

“It has been over three years since MNSU has had Nepali Night, thus the focus this year is to ensure we present a quality night to all in attendance,” Panth said.

Shrestha states that this Nepali Night will be one where NeStCom gets the rare chance to eradicate the stereotypes about Nepalese people and build a positive perspective in peoples’ minds. The 2018 Nepali Night is set to be a night full of wonders and NeStCom has high hopes that it will be a success.

“Hopefully when all who attend the event leave at the end of the night, they will be inspired to do extraordinary things and feel like Gurkha’s: citizens of the dignified nation of Nepal,” Panth said.

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