Sigma Nu victor of spring RSO competition, win $200

Photo: (Courtesy of Ashley Strom)

Bill Hamm
Staff Writer

It’s Monday, Feb. 19 at 4 p.m. and the competition is stiff, the atmosphere tense, the questions are tough, the cheers are LOUD, and the winners are…?

Eleven MNSU Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are competing for the $200 prize to use for special projects or wish lists. The rules for the event were:

1. Each team got a blank answer sheet to use in each round.

2. Each question had only one answer.

3. Teams could not use electronic devices.

4. Teams were to submit their answer sheets after each round and before totals were announced.

These rules were sent to eligible RSO’s by Jessica Lee, graduate advisor. The CSU’s Lenny Koupal posted the information in the CSU Insider and the event was set.

On the night of the event, ten teams arrived to compete, including the Black Student Union, Dance Marathon, Delta Sigma Pi, Finance Club, International Business Organization, Marketing Club, MSU Psychology Society, Sigma Nu, Student Association of India, and the Student Nurses Association. The event was held in the flexible programming space next to Erbert and Gerbert’s, which created a fun atmosphere.

There were three qualifiers for this student competition. First, the RSOs had to have a 901 account. Second, each team had to have at least two of RSO members at the event. Third, each team had to have between two and six competitors; a higher number was encouraged, as more members there meant more brain power for the trivia questions. Two teams ended up heeding the warning and brought a full roster.

In addition to the trivia, tacos in a bag and other snacks were provided throughout the night to encourage participants to stay the entire time.

Assistant Director of Student Activities, Ashley Strom, explained that in cooperation with Lee, this event was a chance for RSOs to try something new.

The night was divided into two segments: “speed dating” at the beginning, followed by trivia, which sparked the most excitement.

All went as planned until the very end when everyone wagered on the bonus question, resulting in a tie for two teams. To break the tie, three questions had to be picked for one final round.

“With the help of a student participant, we were able to pick out and ask three tie breaking questions,” said Strom.

In the end, Sigma Nu was declared the winner and won the $200 prize. No details were given as to what they are planning on doing with the money yet.

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