Horror short film LOOK-SEE is free on Youtube

The purpose of this film “Look-See” is to scare the audiences in the most abstract way with an eyeless monster with unbelieve powers to kill its victims.

The monster is a humanoid creature who wears a classic suit, with long skinny creepy fingers, a jaw that is bigger than a human being and finally no eyes. The humanoid-monster reminds me of a creepy agency that works for the government who spies on anyone. Even though this creature has no eyes, it has a way to lure its victims to its traps and loves to toy its victim’s mind in the darkest ways.

“If you yourself cannot release, then it will come to take a piece,” the eyeless suit monster said. This quote is by far the most fearsome and deadly quote I have ever heard in my life. The quote can be confusing at first, but this is a warning to anyone who reads the note the monster leaves behind on the floor. The purpose of the note is to have the victim release something they treasure the most out of their lives. For example, the treasure item can be anything from cakes, photos, rings, or anything that the victim they treasure the most in their lives. However, if the victim doesn’t release their most treacherous item, then the monster will kill them in the most abstract way.

Under these circumstances, there is no feasible way of killing this monster unless you obey the note’s rule.

For example, there was a scene where a woman was running away from the monster into the restroom. While she was in the restroom stall hiding, she saw a message left in the stall by the monster. After she read it, she knew what to do to: escape from the monster. But, once she had the opportunity she failed and ended up being killed by the monster. However, like I said earlier, this monster loves to toy its victim’s mind. We as the audiences are shown a loud jumpscare of the woman waking up from her dead body.

Now, the scene goes into a hospital bed with the women in her injuries. As she woke up from the pains of her injuries she saw the monster disguised stepping into the room with her love one without his eyes. After, the monster steps into the room it tried to intimidate the women by smiling at her with its giant bloody jaws. The women looked back and grabbed a fork to stab it to the monster’s neck. The monster doesn’t scream, but we as the audiences are shown a crazy effect on how the monster is feeling the pain of the fork stab. Once, the tension was building up to a climax the women screams loud in pain and grabbed a butter knife to kill the monster. But, because of her injuries, she failed miserably to kill the monster.

As she failed to kill the monster she climbs back to the bed to analyze a watch the monster lift behind. The watch itself is a motif for the audiences and we are shown a loving, yet sad flashback between the woman and her husband’s relationship. Once that flashback was over the monster appears again and the scene is cut to different woman getting ready to take a shower. In this scene, the woman ended up being killed by the monster in her bathtub by having her head eaten by the monster.

In conclusion, the director of this film does a wonderful job of building suspension for the audiences. For example, when the eyeless monster begins to appear the sounds of the film goes silent. Which I love because I know a loud jump scare will make the monster even more terrifying to watch. The chasing music theme is fast, loud and almost like you’re in the victim’s shoes. The dark ketones on this film are wonderful and almost feel like an actual film. Even the film is short, but it does a fantastic job scaring the audiences. I would highly recemented anyone to watch the short horror film on YouTube.

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