Stereoscope could have taken better route with story

A misleading opening leaves the audience confused for end

We all ask ourselves if our vision is telling the truth about our life. Is there something out there that our eyes are not seeing and if that thing too terrifying for us to handle? What if a magical tool can assist us on how our reality really looks like? Well, this question was the answer to a young mother with an unexpected box at her front door. Within the box is a small stereoscope with an unknown clip that allows the user to see their surrounding with different colors. However, once she views the stereoscope, things begins to turn scary.

As the woman was looking around in her house with the stereoscope, she heard a baby crying in the house. She was looking around she saw a dead zombie-like woman in her house covered in blood. “Who are you,” the woman said, as she said that, the dead zombie began to get closer to her as her body was cracking in a ghost-like way. When the young woman shifted the stereoscope, she begins to freak out. As she was trying to understand what is going on with her environment.

In the next scene, she sees two young girls on her table eating raw meat. This scene wasn’t disgusting, it looked like they were eating pasta instead of raw meat. As they continue to eat, the woman decided to question who the two young girls were. This was a big mistake because once they saw her one of them said: “Eat her”. I thought this scene was going to be gruesome and sickening, but I was wrong. After, the woman panicked she shifted the stereoscope back to her own reality. As she was catching her breath she heard a loud knocking at her door. This scene alone grabbed my attention and made me ponder a lot of questions.

The reason why is because as she sat down the stereoscope she heard the knocking at her door without the stereoscope on her eyes. This leads me to two questions does the stereoscope make the person scared, or creates a different reality that the user is in?

At the climax of this short horror film, the door breaks open we are shown an unknown person wielding a chainsaw. This unknown person kind of remain of me of Jason from Friday the 13th, but scene alone didn’t scare me. Because all the woman had to do was to put down the stereoscope and the scary monster will leave her alone! The chainsaw monster was getting closer to her and she shifts the stereoscope back to her original reality. As she was crying in fear she heard her baby radio of her child crying. So, she rushes to find nothing in her baby’s room, but once she saw it with her stereoscope she saw an old lady looking at her son.

“Get away from my son,” the woman said. The old lady responds back saying “Shh… I don’t think he’s breathing, dear. In this scene, I thought she was going to beat up the old lady, but no, the woman shifts the stereoscope back to her reality. As she runs toward her baby’s crib, her son was breathing well, and the woman were crying joy of tears. However, things begin to get silent when she heard a low growling noise in her son’s room. At the end of the scene, she once again places the stereoscope back in her eyes. We as the audience are shown a guy with his eyes covered in bloody marks and he lets out a loud roaring noise toward the woman. Then the scene ends with the title of the short horror, I was like the “WTF”? Who thought this was a promising idea to put a loud jumpscare in the ending? This ending was stupid and not scary to my eyes.

In the end, this film has the potential of becoming an actual full-length horror film. However, there are four things the director needs to fix up. The first one is easy, change all the scene from a boring blue to a mixture of warm and cool colors. The second, thing is making the monsters scarier, they were dull and not amusing to my eyes. The third, make the woman feel as she was really scared in real life. Finally, I would remove that ending of the film, seriously, this ending was stupid and not necessary for the film. In my opinion, I would fix it by either adding in a happy ending between the son and the mother. Or, add a bad ending and actually have a monster kill the woman off-screen. This film can be seen on YouTube for free.

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