Women’s Center fosters education and equality

Taehui Park
Staff Writer

The Women’s Center, located at CSU 218, offers a welcoming and safe place where all students can find numerous programs and events in terms of gender equity.

Along with educational programs and events on women’s lives and health, the Women’s Center holds a variety of monthly and weekly events, such as Discussions over Dinner and consultations on women’s issues.

Topics range from sexual assault and sexual violence to women’s health and wellness to women’s history and empowerment. The Women’s Center also provides programs, connections, advocacy, services and leadership opportunities for all Minnesota State University, Mankato students.

“The Women’s Center is a great place for students to get involved. We host event speakers, discussion groups and other types of educational programs with the goal of providing support and advocacy for women as well as education and campus climate in terms of gender equity,” said Reńee Mitchell-Matsuyama, the assistant director of the Women’s Center.

The mission of the Women’s Center is to foster a healthy, safe, and engaging campus community by enabling the full and active participation of women students in both their personal and educational pursuits at MNSU.

According to its official webpage, the Women’s Center highlights four features of action verbs: Inspire, Empower, Achieve and Lead:


The Women’s Center offers a welcoming space where students are encouraged to think and make choices in an accessible environment that enables transformation and change in themselves, in their community and beyond.


The Women’s Center provides a safe, affirming a place in which students can find their voice, believe in themselves, and make decisions that are right for them.


Through our educational outreach programs, the Women’s Center is dedicated to helping all students achieve their goals and dreams.


The Women’s Center provides high-impact programs, diverse opportunities, and powerful collaborations, affording all students with the skills and tools necessary to provide innovative leadership and activism.

The Women’s Center has a number of opportunities for involvement as well, like designing campus-wide programs to bring in great guest speakers and shaping how we celebrate Women.

The center is also affiliated with The Violence Awareness and Response Program (VARP), which provides a safe, supportive space for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and family members at MSU. The VARP’s mission is to reduce the pervasiveness and effects of sexual violence.

“Our center is housed in a lovely cozy home with couches, TVs, desks, computers, refrigerators, a microwave as well as a spacious living room. This is the space where students come, meet new people and do homework. Feel free to join us! We’re looking forward to meeting you,” said Matsuyama.

Located at CSU 218, next to the CSU ballroom, the Women’s Center is open to everyone during the school year weekdays 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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