How to make the most of your summer

Oluwatomike Bali
Staff Writer

Summer is an exciting break for everyone, as a lot of people look forward to having a break after a stressful two semesters.

A lot of people look forward to having lazy days, vacation on the beach and all sorts of fun things to do. However, the summer holiday is a good opportunity to be productive and engage in something fun that will also be helpful to your academics or career. Also, after the first few weeks of relaxing the summer holidays can get boring and tiring, so here is a list of things to engage in over the summer.

Study abroad programs Every summer, there are always opportunities to enroll in a study abroad program. This program is a good way to have fun outside of the school. You get to visit exciting new places, learn about their culture and beliefs, meet new people and also gain knowledge on other people’s way of life. A lot of majors also require students to do something outside of the classroom; the summer holiday is a good time to get this done.


As a college student, you are advised to get an internship, especially in between your junior and senior years. Internships are a great opportunity to gain in-the-field experience about things related to your major. The summer is a perfect time for something like that; you gain the experience, acquire new skills and have a picture of what your job duties are going to look like when you graduate.

Volunteering oppor-tunitie

There are several volunteer opportunities available over the summer. You can volunteer at a retirement home, become a big brother or sister to young kids, clean a park and so on. Find something you enjoy doing and volunteer to help out. Doing this will go a long way in your resume and can be useful for future purposes. You get the experience and have fun while doing it.

Develop a new hobby or passion

You can develop a new hobby or passion over the summer. This hobby can be singing, playing the piano, dancing, learning a new language, etc. Summer is a good time to promote your hobbies and perfect your skills. You can sign up to learn at a center close by. Doing things like that helps stimulate the brain and allows you to acquire a new skill.

Other ways to make the best of the summer is to take a class to help graduate faster, tutor students, work to help offset some bills, plan a bucket list and follow it, stay in shape, visit museums or read a new book every week.

The most important thing is to stay busy and productive.

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