The end of one chapter and the beginning of another

(Photo courtesy of Hey-Bin Oh)

Taehui Park
Staff Writer

All kinds of thoughts are going through my mind like a flash before graduation. Thinking about how this will be my last opinion article in the MSU Reporter, I feel strangely restless now. I have been a staff writer at the Reporter for almost a year.

While studying at MSU and working as a reporter at the Reporter, I have met so many people and have gained so many valuable experiences that will help me succeed in life. As is the nature of things, however, we always have the bad as well as the good in the world. There were a few of unhappy and frustrating moments I didn’t want to experience.

Working as a staff writer at the MSU Reporter, to coin a phrase straightforwardly, was “tough but worth it.”  I have spent so much time interviewing with so many people and researching preliminary materials and news resources for the articles. On top of that, it was not easy to make a complete article passed through all the writing process in a given amount of time, though I’m aware of that keeping a deadline is very crucial for writers.

There were also a lot of disappointing moments; I have been turned down for interview requests and ignored by people who were not familiar with the campus newspaper. Even though I hated approaching people the most, I had to do it. I needed their opinions for the stories and that was part of my job. Now, in retrospect, I believe I was able to overcome my weakness, which was talking to strangers, by pushing myself to the boundary of my vulnerability. The knowledge that I could handle all the responsibilities that the Reporter put onto me gave me a sense of achievement, encouraging me every time I see my articles in the newspaper. Sometimes, a reader will send me an email saying that they like my stories and I find myself working harder to create better stories because of their support.

I have met so many good friends at MNSU as well. I still remember my first day here. I had to go class and ended up being lost somewhere in the Armstrong Hall. It was my first day of college and I didn’t want to make any bad impression on anyone. I was a bit desperate for asking help to find my class. A girl, who saw me being lost in the middle of a hallway, asked me if I needed help. She helped me find my classroom. That was how I met my best friend now. Without them, I’m sure I would not have worked my way through college.

I thought the day of my university graduation would never come, but now I only have a couple of more weeks left. I am excited that I graduate from the university and get out of my tiny apartment where I get always stressed out as I have been living on top of others. Graduation brings me thoughts of delightfulness, but also thoughts of intimidation. Studying at the university taught me to stand on my own legs. I learned how to trust myself, what I am good at and what I like to do. I believe graduation is another word for the beginning of the next chapter in your life. I wish all graduates the best for the future.

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