Jimmy John’s to add new items to menu

Madison Diemert
News Editor

Just recently Jimmy John’s has launched an exciting new ad campaign. Jimmy John’s is better and freakier than ever with their “freaking fast” sandwich-making and their commitment to keeping their sandwiches fresh and healthy.

Jimmy John’s never uses bread for their sandwiches that is over 4 hours old; now that’s freaky fresh! Their bread is constantly made fresh to maintain the amazing flavor of the world famous sandwiches. They also only use meats that have no added hormones, artificial ingredients, or preservatives of any kind. Jimmy John’s veggies are also fresh every day and sliced to perfection.

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In fact, their lettuce is cut into exactly 3/32 of an inch. Their chips are also pretty healthy, containing only three ingredients: potatoes, peanut oil, and salt. This keeps them low in fat and still tasty.

And if all this information still doesn’t please you, listen to this: Jimmy John’s is releasing three new items on their menu. This includes a new Kickin’ Ranch sauce, which is made in-store by hand with buttermilk and pureed hot cherry peppers, a sixteen-inch giant sandwich, and if you loved Jimmy John’s famous pickles, you can now add them to any sandwich you want- for free.
Still not satisfied?

Well, did you know that Jimmy John’s employees take 6 hours to prepare everything, just so you can have a sandwich in about thirty seconds? Now that’s what I call freaky fast.

With all this new stuff happening, it’s hard to resist stopping by at Jimmy John’s to grab a freaky fast, meal.

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