“Incredibles 2” is good, but not incredible

The original director and cast return in this highly awaited Pixar sequel

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

After a 14-year wait one of the most anticipated animated films of all time has finally been released into theatres—”Incredibles 2”.

In 2004 the Pixar animated film “Incredibles” took the world by storm. It was adored by both kids and adults alike and was a huge critical and commercial success.

The movie was one of the few within the superhero genre during its time, but now in a society dominated by Superhero movies “The Incredibles” are back to remind people that they did it before it was cool.

The director of the first film Brad Bird returned to direct its sequel and to once again lend his voice for the fan favorite character Edna Mode. Bird wasn’t the only one to return, as the majority of the original cast are back to play their well-established characters.

For example, Craig T. Nelson and Holly Hunter once again lent their voices for Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl. Fans will also be excited to hear that Samuel L. Jackson has put on his super suit to once again play Frozone. Although, this seems to be the ingredients to make up a perfect sequel does “Incredibles 22” live up to the original Pixar classic?

“Incredibles 2” begins exactly where the first movie ended. The Incredibles, a family of superheroes, must defend the city against the drill-equipped villain the Underminer. Yes, we finally get to see what happens after that 14-year old cliffhanger.

After defeating the city, but accidentally destroying the city. The Incredibles find themselves in trouble with the law since superheroes are still illegal. After the incident Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are contacted by wealthy siblings Winston and Evelyn Deavor.

Their goal is to make supers legal again by showing the public the good side of superheroes and not the destruction they often leave behind. Elastigirl is chosen by the siblings for their plan. While Elastigirl is running awesome superhero missions for the Deavor siblings, Mr. Incredible is stuck at home to watch his children, including baby Jack who just recently discovered he has various super powers.

The main theme of “Incredibles 2” is once again family. The voice acting is excellent and it gives the viewer a sense that they are watching a real family even though they are clearly animated. The animation in this film is, pun not intended, Incredible. It definitely makes sense why it took 14 years to make this movie. The amount of realistic detail they can now make in animation is truly amazing.

Although a good film Incredibles 2 does not surpass its original, which would have been nearly impossible. The reason why this may be, is due to the plot not being as interesting as the first. In fact, there are parts of this movie that are kind of boring and will definitely being boring for the young children attending this movie.

Overall, “Incredibles 2” is a good movie, but not an incredible movie. It is certainly worth the price of admission though. The film looks beautiful and the dialogue is very well written. However; what the movie lacks in is that it’s a sequel that does not really feel necessary.



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