Glassjaw returns to Varsity Theatre on July 9

Lucas Torborg
A&E Editor

Post-modern metal band Glassjaw will be performing in concert in Minneapolis at the Varsity Theatre Monday, July 9.

After the December release of their album entitled “Material Control” fans of the innovative and underground band, Glassjaw, should be excited to learn that they are once again on tour after a hiatus from recording.

For those who do not know, Glassjaw is a band that has been in the rock/metal industry for quite sometime. The bands origin dates all the way back to 1993 within the city of Hempstead, New York. The band was started by lead vocalist Daryl Palumbo and guitarist Justin Beck.

According to an interview Palumbo had with “Kinda Muzik” the bands original producer was Ross Robinson, a prominent name in the modern metal genre at the time. Robinson had previously worked with band legends such as “Korn” and “Slipknot”. However, Glassjaw stands out from these other bands due to their less commercial sound.

Glassjaw is celebrated within the genre for being an independent band with a fast paced and aggressive sound that shows the beauty that can be found within chaos. Glassjaw’s unique sound stands apart from other underground bands. Their songs are often times layered with various guitars making for a hectic and busy sound that is yet organized and precise.


One of Glassjaw’s biggest song that is also considered a fan favorite is 2002’s “Cosmopolitan Blood Loss”, that is memorable for Palumbo’s raspy voice and dark lyrics, which is complimented by Becks screaming guitar riffs.

Glassjaw’s newest album which was released on December 1st of last year, also has some great hits. The album “Material Control” was well received by critics as well as their fans. Although, “Material Control” was their first album in 15 years it definitely does not appear that way. Glassjaw plays as hard as they do now as they did 20 years ago.

According to an article by Noisey, many things have changed for the band since their last album, there was falling out of some band member as wells Palumbo’s fight with Chromes disease throughout the years. These variables could be the cause of the long wait between albums.

Nevertheless, Glassjaw after all these years, still brings their high energy and an intense set list to every show they perform which is something the band has always been notorious for.

Glassjaw will be performing Monday, July 9 at Varsity Theatre in Minneapolis. Glassjaw will be opened by the band Quicksand, another post-hardcore band that originated from the 90s’. Tickets are starting at $30 and are available at https://www.stubhub.com – hurry because tickets are selling fast.


Photo courtesy of Julian Gilbert.


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