How to become more motivated for school

One student’s way to become more excited to start school

Madison Diemert
News Editor

School is finally here. Little kids are getting their school supplies, high schoolers are trading their schedules and we- well, we’re already well into our classes. For students, and college students especially, it seems, we have a tough time getting excited for our classes.

It would seem that college students would be more excited to start their classes as we are optionally choosing to put ourselves through courses to get our education. But for us it’s mostly a strain in our already stressful lives. After all, students are not known to be independently wealthy, and now we not only have part time jobs, but we now also have classes and extra curricular activities to worry about.

I, though, am super stoked for school to start. I’m one of those people who get a rush from buying school supplies and can’t sleep before the first day of classes because I am so excited to learn. I do go through some things that make me feel more excited, though.

For one, I definitely have to hype myself up. I look at all the classes I’m taking and write down my schedule so I have a hard copy. I try to imagine the things I’ll be learning in each class, and how they’re helping me get the English degree I so desire. This really helps when I’m dreading all the work I’ll have to do come winter.

Secondly, and this may sound weird, but during the school year I like to take nice pictures of my study spaces (featuring my ever-present coffee) and post it online. This motivates me to study more often and keep my study space clean, and I get excited to study at times because I know I’ll want to take an artsy picture.

Another thing I do is think about all the nice places I can study and do homework, and I try to make it a goal during the school year to study at those places. For example, every year I try to go to the Coffee Hag a few times. It’s a nice little setting that not only gets me out of my apartment, but also gets me excited about studying (mostly because then I can order my favorite drink).

The last thing I do to try to get myself excited about school, is thinking about all the cool events that go on during the school year. Don’t get me wrong, summers are fun, but I love attending the multicultural nights and the homecoming events. They’re some of the most fun I’ve had all year.

Thinking about going to events like that with my boyfriend or my friends gets me really excited that school is beginning again. Plus these events give me an excuse to see my friends and take a break from studying, which we all need!

Everyone does things differently, and everyone definitely tries to motivate themselves in different ways. I try to think of the things that are fun during the school year, rather than dwell on the bad things- like having winter for, like, 8 months. Or having perpetually chapped lips and dry skin.

I find that if I do these things it also helps me perform much better academically, and that’s definitely something we should all want as students. I also think that being happy and excited about school is definitely correlated in doing well in school.

And hopefully other students at MSU can take my list and try to put their own little spin on it.

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