Student Government minutes

Multiple vacant positions open in Student Government and Student United.

David Bassey
Editor in Chief

With no placards in sight last night, the 86th student senate held its first meeting of the academic year. With over 30 senators and members of the faculty in attendance, Speaker Nathan Pesklo called the meeting to order in a somewhat traditional Roberts rule style providing clarifications to senators who were unfamiliar with the process. 

Concluding the roll call, the meeting moved into a brief period of presentations and open forum from a variety of presenters.

Following the introductions, Speaker Pesklo requested for the approval of the consent agenda which confirmed the approval of senator appointments to various committees and coordinator positions as well as the confirmation of over 50 RSOs under the newly implemented Engage platform.

After the dust settled, Speaker Pesklo declared the floor open for officer reports. President Elizabeth Cronin delivered her seven-point officer report by informing senators about the upcoming vacancy elections on September 12.

“This year the senate elections will be run differently, applications will be submitted through Engage and due on Tuesday, September 11.” President Cronin added. The currently vacant seats are in Social and Behavioral sciences, Education and Allied Health and Nursing.

President Cronin then mentioned that appointments also remain for the legislative affairs coordinator and academic affairs coordinator positions.

Following this, she reminded the senators of the first home football game at 6pm where the senators will be giving out free t-shirts prior to kick-off at 4:30 p.m.

Next, President Cronin stated that the first meet and confer will be held on Thursday, September 6 from 11:30am to 1 p.m. at CSU 293.

“This will be a great chance for students to meet with the administrators and find out what is happening on campus with lunch provided.” She added.

President Cronin then spoke about the first board meeting for the Students United which resulted in the selection of four organizational objectives and then announced the open treasurer position for Students United with elections to be held at the October delegates assembly.

President Cronin then concluded her officer report with a warm smile and encouraged the senators to watch out for the one-on-ones with the President and Vice President, which will begin for the first time this year.

Looking chic in her white jacket, Vice president Katelyn Ogunfolami began her officer report re-assuring senators of the upcoming senate retreat set for September 14 or 15, a straw vote was then taken, however the final decision was not concluded.

Vice President Ogunfolami also spoke about Students United and her role as a campus organizing coordinators.

She mentioned that there are open positions available with opportunities for students to build their professional skills and get involved. 

Concluding the officer reports, Speaker Pesklo reminded the senators about completing their office hours. He stated that this could be done either in the office lobby, residential hall lobby, tabling or attending diversity events.

For more information about the Student government and how to get involved, stop by at CSU 280 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. and let your voice be heard.

Feature photo courtesy of Flickr.

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