MSU alum’s business braves Hurricane

Line Cutterz makes an amazing comeback surviving Hurricane Harvey.

Joshua Schuetz
Staff Writer

Vance and Cullen Zahorski are nothing if not determined. The two brothers have braved hurricanes and storms in their quest to succeed.

They made a deal on Shark Tank, had to ship products on a kayak, and managed to triumph over the odds, even after facing destruction from Hurricane Harvey. 

Cullen is an alumni of MSU, having graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics. He worked at Yelp, moving up the ladder before joining his brother at their company. 

That company, Line Cutterz, sells patented equipment to make cutting tough fishing lines easier and more efficient. Vance invented a new way to cut fishing lines.

Not only is their device useful for fishing, it can be used in scuba diving and AV installation, according to a press sheet from the company.

Cullen was brought on as Vice President of Line Cutterz and another brand, Thread Cutterz, which his brother also owns. 

Vance appeared on Shark Tank and made a deal with Daymond Johnson, after which Line Cutterz became one of the fastest growing products in the fishing industry.

Their products have expanded into Wal-Mart and many other retailers on a global scale. 

The brands seemed unstoppable. The products were high-quality, the company expanding. It embodied the American dream. 

Sadly, Mother Nature had other plans. Shortly after the brand moved to Houston, Texas, Hurricane Harvey struck.

The hurricane destroyed many buildings and the city had to be evacuated. But the Line Cutterz team was undeterred. Even in the face of losing everything, they remained behind to keep the business going and to safeguard what they had built and help the community out.

 According to Cullen, the brothers even had to deliver packages by kayaking through the flood.

Throughout these excursions, the brothers risked themselves to help people, pets and wildlife left stranded by the floodwaters.

Even after suffering through the flood, Cullen and Vance were undeterred.

They continued and are continuing to build their business with the same grit and determination that helped them fight through Hurricane Harvey.

Recently, they’ve had even more successes. Line Cutterz appeared on the View with Daymond John, which led to deals with three of the nation’s largest distributors within the crafting and quilting industries.

One thing is certain, whatever challenges they face, Cullen and Vance will be chasing the American Dream, and I for one think that they’ll succeed.

In many ways, they already have.

Feature photo courtesy of Cullen Zahorski.

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